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Shaadi in the City: “Will You…Meet Me?”

The day I decided to join the online dating world, I half expected to look up and see pigs flying. I had to escape away to a coffee shop just to...

Shaadi in the City: One in Eight Million

When I moved to NYC I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed — just waiting to live out the episodes of Sex and the City and Friends that I had watched about a gazillion times. The friends, the dates, the coffee shops and parties
shaadi in the city

Shaadi in the City: I’ll Have One Indian To Go, Please

I've never dated a non-Indian guy before, nor have I even been with a non-Indian guy. And it wasn't because my parents would have forbade it (although they would have). I mean, firstly,...
shaadi in the city

Shaadi in the City: Never Been Kissed…Until 19

I was always a little awkward growing up. Kissing scared me and the thought of hitting bases with boys was all very intimidating. I fell in love with a gorgeous White boy in preschool but evaded all other boy situations until I was well into my teens.
shaadi in the city

Shaadi in The City: For the Love of Husband!

So, let's just go ahead and address the elephant in the room: You're looking for love — and a husband. It's okay, I am too. I mean, I'm not looking for him tomorrow, but the next general milestone I'd like to reach in the next few years of my life is to find love and, yes, a husband.

Top 5 Looks to Wear This Shaadi Season

April is a month of many things: longer days and shorter dresses, the smell of springtime in the air and most importantly…the start of wedding season.

Brownies – The Weirdest Entry Ever Made

It’s official. It can’t be denied that Indians are all over the entertainment industry nowadays with movies like Life of Pi, music and reality series
shaadi in the city

Dating Indian Guys Only: Reader Response

Reading the recent Shaadi in the City on Dating Indian Guys, I wondered why it was that I felt the opposite of the author on nearly every count. I have never dated, kissed, flirted with, or even been asked out by a single Indian guy in all my life. Sure I’ve met dozens of them, mostly family friends, acquaintances in the art community, or friends of friends.

Mindy Kaling and Aziz Ansari Wowed the Crowd at BookCon 2015

With their cult-like following and celebrated TV shows like "The Office,” “The Mindy Project” and “Parks and Recreation," Mindy Kaling and Aziz Ansari have become two of the biggest names in comedy.

NYC SAFF: From East to West, 22 of the Best Subcontinent and Diaspora Films...

Presented by Toyota, the Big Apple welcomed its newest South Asian film festival, New York City South Asian Film Festival (NYC SAFF). Founded by veteran festival director Jitin Hingorani, the festival's mission is to showcase premieres of features, documentaries and short films curated to engage, educate and inspire the masses, ranging from Baby Boomers to Generation Z.

A Short History of Gundagiri

I walked down the stairs, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and searching blindly for the loud voice that woke me up on a Saturday morning. I could hear the one-sided conversation, it was time for the weekly call with Baba and Dadi. We would likely follow the call with a call to Nana and Nani. But for now, my curious young mind was piqued. Why was Papa so animated in this call?
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Marriage Isn’t at the top of my Agenda, and That’s OK

I’m somehow at that point in my life where everywhere I turn, I see someone or another getting engaged or married, while I’m completely happy for these people and believe marriage is a wonderful thing, the added pressures of getting married in the Indian community are absolutely INSANE.

Graphic Designer Badal Patel Shakes up Indian Invitations With Modern Designs

Graphic designer Badal Patel maintains a day job at a design agency in New York City, but in her free time, she creates Indian-inspired cards, posters, and stationery.

Virushka Breaks the Internet With Their Wedding Vows, Million Dollar Smiles, and Sabyasachi

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, commonly known as Virushka, tied the knot earlier this month, and there couldn't have been enough hype about their fairytale wedding! Here's the inside scoop on their nuptials and more!

This Desi Rendition of ‘Dirty Dancing’ is a Must-Watch for Every Bollywood Aficionado

DD: The Shaadi aims to adapt one of Hollywood’s favorite movies into a desi-inspired short film.

The Stereotypical Reactions South Asian Women Traveling Solo are Subjected to

Hailing from a cultural background whose mission is to safely transport daughters to their husband’s home from their father’s, breaking free from stereotypes is almost like taking a deep plunge into the unknown. The South Asian communities are deeply embedded into strange cultural traditions where anything out of the norm is looked down upon, raising multiple sets of carefully plucked eyebrows.

For Everyone who has a Secret Love Their Brown Parents Won’t Approve of

Congratulations! You’ve discovered a career you’re in love with and can’t wait to share it with the whole world! But wait, did you forget your parents live in this world as well and they’re watching you from everywhere. From social media, through your webcam, from under your bed - yes, even under your bed. That monster you feared was lurking under your mattress as a child was never an actual monster; it was just your parents’ pending, incremental disappointment in your life choices. Which is honestly scarier than whatever the Boogeyman had planned. So play it safe, girl!

Coffeepass Co-Founder Dev Melepura on the Dating App’s Unique Qualities

Coffeepass, co-founded by Dev Melepura and Ashwath Biradar, was developed as a means to fix online dating using friends and mutual connections, and a great amount of research on social theories.

South Asian Dating App ‘Naseeb’ Caters to the Global, Millennial Youth

A decade ago, South Asian matchmaking was all about the looks of the girl and boy, family background, and the income factor of the groom.
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Desi Dating Apps Versus Your Aunty’s Biodata

In an effort to better understand the evolution of biodata and how desis evaluate each other, I set out on a quest to join every desi dating app the Apple App Store had to offer. I created profiles for a total of 10 apps, all marketed towards or largely used by South Asians. Rather than list individually what each app offers, my observations below are aggregated in order to demonstrate overall trends.

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