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How to not Look Like a Hooligan when Traveling: The Hukmani Guide

Next time you’re traveling with me, let’s ask ourselves, “What would Mr. Hukmani do?” and do just that. Then ask ourselves, “What would a hooligan do?” and definitely, not do that.

A Brown Girl’s Cheat Guide to Marvel Movies — ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Prep

BG Rachna embraces her Marvel superhero love and kindly provides the ultimate preparation for anyone who needs a Marvel re-education before the premiere of "Avengers: Infinity War," releasing Friday, April 27th! There's a lot to remember, so take notes!

5 Chai and Whiskey Cocktails to Try the Next Time You Sit Down for...

Put a spin on your cocktails by mixing chai and whiskey together — it'll be the best afternoon fix, yet!

‘The Deed is Done’: A South Asian’s View on Sex and Virginity

Pooja Mallipamula's "The Deed Is Done" showcases stories of people losing their virginity including an Indian man who waits until after marriage for his "first time."

Dear Dad, Thank You for the Comedy

In we went. Together. For my interview. Dad in tow. Like my bodyguard.

Top 10 NYC Must-See Bands and Their Whiskey Personas

Here is my guide to top 10 must-see local NY musicians/bands and their corresponding whiskey personas.

12 Tips to ‘Own It’ On Your Next Trip to NYC

In case you're looking to move on over, or are visiting post all the new year celebrations, here's how to “own it” in NYC, according to Dad Hukmani: