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Cancer Touches Everyone: How You Can Help Cure Kenza

Cancer. The one word you never want to hear from your physician's mouth. The one word you never want to hear from your friend's or family's mouths. The one word that has the ability to uproot entire lives, families, and communities.

Going Mainstream: Dealing with Cultural Dilution as an Indian-American

With the recently increased visibility of my own Indian heritage, I’m starting to see that authenticity might be the cost of assimilation into mainstream culture.

Why I am Okay With Having a Lot of Indian Friends

I tend to talk about my closest girlfriends frequently. Several years post-grad, we are all so spread out that telling other people about them helps me miss them less.

Wilbur Sargunaraj’s ‘Dark is Beautiful’ Video Paves Way to Change ‘Fairness’ of ‘Beauty’

This video by Wilbur Sarguranaj is so refreshing. The goofy acting and barebones production lend humor and realism to a sensitive, and sometimes painful, topic.

Are Priyanka, Mindy and Aziz Competing With Each Other as South Asians on TV?

This year has been a big one for South Asians in entertainment. "The Mindy Project" moved to Hulu with a 26-episode deal; Aziz Ansari debuted "Master of None" on Netflix, and well-loved Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra currently stars on ABC’s "Quantico." As a second-generation immigrant, I’ve never seen this many people who look like me on American television.
gerrard lobo

‘Master of None’ Gerrard Lobo Speaks on His Experience of Acting From a South...

We had the opportunity to talk to Gerrard Lobo, who plays “Anush” (and delivers one of my favorite lines of the show—“Is Mindy Kaling real?”) about his experience working with Aziz, being a Brown actor in mainstream media, and if his workout routine is anything like his character’s. Gerrard is a Villanova graduate with experience in modeling, theatre, and, surprisingly, investor relations.
The Brown List

Brown List is Back! BG Staff Recommends Fave August Products

Brown Girl Magazine staffers pick out the items you need in your closet, beauty bag and life! Don't miss the August Brown List!

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