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Jai Jai Hooray Channels the Everyday Woman’s Inner Goddess Through #SheIsAGoddess Campaign

Jai Jai Hooray is a company that is re-imagining cultures of South Asia by making beautifully simple toys and tools.
Jai Jai Hooray

Jai Jai Hooray: Make Cultural Learning Irresistible With a Set of 10 Flashcards About...

We recently fell in love with Jai Jai Hooray’s new 10-set flashcard collection and couldn’t be happier to share our experience with our friends at Brown Girl Magazine.

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide That Will Serve you Well Year Round

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Shiva: Transcending Social Constructs

By accident, I ran into the sensual image of ShivShakti, also known as Ardhanarishvara (meaning: the lord who is half woman) or Ardhanaranari (the half man, half woman), picturing the god Shiva and goddess Shakti as one entity. Amused by this image, I started to read more and more of the Hindu scriptures. The story of Shiva and Shakti in the Skanda Purana says that the Goddess Shakti asked Shiva if she could sit with him while embracing him firmly. She, jealous as she was, wanted to be with him continuously. Shiva agreed to her request and so Shiva and Shakti became two energy’s in one body.

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