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Here’s Why Indian Prime Minister Modi’s #SelfiewithDaughter Campaign Is Misleading

BG Hira Uddin weighs in on Indian Prime Minister Modi's #SelfieWithDaughter initiative to urge fathers to celebrate their daughters, and finds it to be a step in the right direction, but points out there is a long way to go before women are truly celebrated in India.

Open Letter to Shibli Zaman: Survivor-Shaming Does Not Honor Nabra Hassanen

Would you also consider surviving members of the Grenfell Tower blaze not deserving of living because perhaps they fled while the whereabouts of some family members are still unknown? Would you apply this same harsh logic to the surviving girlfriend of Philando Castile, because she witnessed the brutal shooting of her boyfriend before her very eyes and was unable to stop the murdering officer?
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Why Some are Unhappy with Zaid Ahmed’s #BlackLivesMatter Stanford Essay

While growing up desi, many youth trying to find their purpose in life become familiar with the phrase “You are not (insert array of demeaning adjectives here) enough.”

I’m Finally Admitting That President Donald Trump’s Rhetoric has Gotten to me (And You...

A crushing wave of nostalgia washed over me as I stood by my fellow Americans protesting Donald Trump’s executive order banning legal citizens from the list of seven Muslim-majority countries. It was like I was six years old again; except this time I didn’t belong.

This is Why all Male Panels at Islamic Conferences Need to Come to an...

As a Muslim woman, I share the same sentiment as others in the Muslim American community when we hear an ill-informed politician (cough Donny cough Ted Cruz cough most Republican candidates cough) assert Muslim women do not have a voice or are silenced by our faith. We feel outraged when we hear this ignorant conjecture because we, along with others who have studied the Islamic faith, know for a fact our faith encourages and supports women’s rights and respects our individual experiences and collective voice.

Bringing Down the Sexist Way Commentators Cover Muslim Female Olympians in Hijab

With the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) imposing a ban on headscarves for female athletes and Cannes’ recent ban on the “Burqini,” a full bodysuit Muslim women wear while swimming, I often find myself asking, “What is so threatening about letting a woman cover her body?”

‘Shake my Hand’: Poem Dedicated to the Egyptian Olympian who Refused to Shake his...

This poem is dedicated to Islam El Shehaby, the Egyptian Olympian who took a stand and refused a handshake offered by his Israeli opponent during a Judo match – it is not so much the handshake El Shehaby refused in my eyes; rather it is the refutation of what Israel and Zionist policies represent and implement around the world,
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7 Ways to be Productive This Ramadan Especially if You Can’t Fast

Ramadan is synonymous with abstaining from food. However, many Muslims who are unable to fast from food and drink due to various reasons feel left out. Everything ranging from monthly periods, pregnancy, eating disorders (affecting both men and women), other medical illnesses, and other difficult circumstances may hinder and prevent someone from fasting during the holiest month of the Islamic calendar. However, there are many other ways to participate and benefit from this month spiritually.

White Privilege Forces YouTuber JusReign To Remove His Turban

Brown skin – strike one. Ethnic name that requires 2/3 of the alphabet to spell – strike two. Turban or hijab – strike three. Now, you’re out of: respect, basic civil liberties, and rights to fundamental privileges. Imagine if you were forced to suspend the fabric of your being just because your appearance incites fright in the minds of others who harbor distaste for anyone representing difference.

7 Delusional Lessons Every Brown Guy Learns From Bollywood

The natural laws of attraction don’t apply in Bollywood. In fact, your chances of wooing the ladies are especially high if your uni-brow resembles a chinchilla and your mustache can pass as a furry rodent.

7 Road Signs That Will Help You Avoid Heartbreak

As a mental health professional, I provide therapeutic services and skills to many patients who struggle in the context of familial, professional, academic, and individual life choices.

Talk-Show ‘The Real’ Turns Out To Be Really Racist Against Muslim Women

Popular talk show "The Real" should immediately change its name to "The Real Racist" to more accurately reflect its discriminatory practices against certain audience members; specifically, Muslim women wearing headscarves.
practicing islam in short shorts

A Response to ‘Practicing Islam in Short Shorts’

Since my initial click, I have read Thanaa El-Naggar's article several times because it has made me reflect on my experience not just as a Muslim woman, but also as an individual and a woman.

‘Raaes’ Review: SRK Saves A Not-So-Perfect Yet Entertaining Thriller

by Tamania Jaffri - Follow @urdumom "Raees," the latest movie starring the Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan and the "Humsafar" girl, Mahira Khan, was released around the world last week. I had high hopes...

AATMA Performing Arts Video ‘The Fifth’ Gives Breath of Fresh Air to Indian Classical...

In a field where traditional Indian styles of dance are being westernized through their integration with modern styles like hip hop and popping, “The Fifth” is a refreshing breath of air that stays true to the essence of classical dance.

Fawad Khan Partners With Islamic Relief to Promote Pakistan Development

Fawad Khan, star of the ravingly popular Pakistani drama "Humsafar" and the Disney Bollywood movie "Khoobsurat" has been touring the US for reasons that fall very much outside of the Bollywood genre. His recent partnership with Islamic Relief to promote Pakistan development has taken him


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