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The Merger of Fashion and Medicine: A Fast Five With Fashion Designer Nikhila Anchala

After this one med school student didn't match residency, she switched her focus to fashion. Today, Nikhila Anchala is on the verge of releasing her very first collection, inspired by her South Indian routes.
broti gupta

‘Fast Five’ Interview with Comedy Writer Broti Gupta

If you tuned in to the Comedy Central Snapchat channel this month, you may have noticed Broti Gupta grace your cellular device. Brown Girl had the chance to catch up with Gupta on comedy writing, future aspirations and her witty social media presence.
gagan gandhi

Fast Five with Budding Poet Gagan Gandhi Reveals What Inspires Him to Write

Gagan Gandhi is a Toronto-based aspiring insta-poet, his work is primarily about love and life and you'd be surprised at where he finds comfort writing his daily musings.

Fast Five with Actor and YouTube Star Rupan Bal

We caught up with Rupan Bal on his latest YouTube parodies, work in movies and film, and what he's planning next.

‘Fast Five’ Interview with Budding Actor Neil Desai

Up-and-coming actor Neil Desai spills about work, the entertainment industry and We talk about his work, the entertainment industry, and the future of South-Asian Americans in media.

An Exclusive ‘Fast Five’ With Internationally Acclaimed Music Artist Parichay

Parichay is a singer, songwriter, and music producer. He has established himself as a voice to be reckoned with in the Hindi film industry, performing alongside stars like Ranbir Kanpoor, Shankar...

‘Fast Five’ Interview with Guyanese-American Art Curator Grace Aneiza Ali

Migrating to Washington D.C. at the age of 14, her curatorial work heavily focuses on migration, particularly from Guyana, and examines the intersections at which art, activism and social change connect. We were happy to speak with Ali recently about the ways in which her chosen profession shines a light on artists of the Guyanese diaspora.
harshad mahadeshwar

Fast Five Interview with Scientist and Filmmaker Harshad Mahadeshwar

Brown Boy Harshad Mahadeshwar has always been passionate about filmmaking. Despite having a full-time career as a research scientist, he decided to follow his passion of scriptwriting and filmmaking.
sania ahmed

Fast Five Interview With Visual Artist Sania Ahmed

The Brooklyn-native and Columbia University grad student is a budding artist, who uses different mediums to explore visual art. After watching her first video "Blessings," we needed to learn about the creative person behind the camera.

Indikitch: The Fast Casual, Homestyle Indian Food Eatery We’ve all Been Waiting For

The following post is in partnership with indiktich, a restaurant offering a wave of fast-casual Indian food full of real flavor, and no hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or GMOs. Visit their website...

Love Yourself: Five Helpful Tips to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Celebrate all your victories, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Celebrate the fact that you made it out of bed. Or that you ate breakfast today. Small victories lead to good days. We all need more good days in our lives.

The Chole and Chutney I Once Ate Dangerously Fast, I Now Eat With Pride

One day, some of the thick green chutney fell from the folds of the surrounding saran wrap onto the white lunch table. Out of nowhere, a classmate pointed and shouted out, “bird poop!”

Feeling the Guilt? How to Eat Low-Calorie at 5 Different Fast Food Chains

Alert! Eat fresh - Subway’s punch line - is not always true. By the time you have added double cheese to your foot-long, gotten a cookie, and a bag of Lays chips, your attempt at a healthy meal becomes an 800+ calorie meal. Here’s how to avoid it.

The ‘Triple-Five’ to Get Your Booty Toned for Bikini Season

Here's the "triple-five" to get you going: five booty-toning exercises when done correctly for five minutes, five days a week will start yielding results the first week you do them!
traveling solo

Five Years Later: What Traveling Solo as an Indian Woman Feels Like

I wandered across Shivya Nath's travels through word-of-mouth during a recent trip to India. I instantly felt a connection to this globe-trekking, young woman who had thrown off the chains of a typical comfortable life for a life of adventure and the unknown.

Brown Boy of the Month Anand Kuchibotla is Carving his Spot in Hip-Hop

Music is everywhere in India; there, it’s the very essence of life. The hustle of the city might sound like noise, but there’s beauty in the chaos.
Prashantt Guptha

The Journey East: How Queens Native Prashantt Guptha Broke into Bollywood

A native of Queens, New York, Guptha moved to Mumbai to live out his Bollywood dreams. However, his journey has not been easy.

VGo Expands the Horizons of Bollywood Fusion with ‘EXPANSE’

Following rave reviews and warm reception from the desi dance network in North America, VGo is back with a vengeance and ready to release yet another EP entitled “EXPANSE.”

South Asians Break Barriers in North American Sports Industry

Neha Contractor and Neha Uberoi, founders of South Asians in Sports, are here to create awareness about desis in the sports industry and break through racial barriers.

Promoting Menstrual Dignity is Something You Need to Get With—Period

Meet Binti, a U.K.-based social enterprise that promotes menstrual dignity through access to sanitary protection and education.

Eight Reasons South Asian Voters Should be Wary of Mike Bloomberg

According to this poll cited by Newsweek, Bloomberg’s support is at 12% amongst Asian American and Hispanic voters. Bloomberg’s campaign has smartly cloaked his candidacy in the word “moderate” but Michael Bloomberg is painfully ignorant of what it means to lead an inclusive and diverse movement.

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