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Duriba Khan

Meet the Staff: Duriba Khan

Hey there! My name is Duriba, how about a handshake? No, no, don’t really reach out to your screen. Brothers please, that’s haram, c’mon now. Oh, darn...you got your greasy fingerprints on the screen and my, do you brown girls have a strong grip. Wow! And how soft are your hands? Girl, what moisturizer is this? Costco’s generic lotion? OMG, ME TOO!

Celebrating 5 Years of ‘Shuddh Desi Romance’ and Other Great Modern Bollywood Romances

"Shuddh Desi Romance" is a Bollywood film that chooses to celebrate a different type of love story, so in honor of the film’s anniversary, we have created a list to toast a few more of the best modern Bollywood rom-coms.

Why I’m Struggling to Accept My Body Hair, but I’m Still Trying

I’m not like other girls. And when I say this, I don’t mean it in a condescending way...

The Man, The Legend: Ahmed Ali Akbar

He’s hilarious, dorky, eccentric, bearded, and has great stories to tell. If you thought of your cool brown dad, think again. Well, actually you’re pretty close (except he’s not even a dad). Ladies and gentlemen, Ahm
south asian love stories

Love in the Simpler Days: Looking Back at Love Stories of our South Asian...

This Valentine’s Day we look back at some South Asian love stories from simpler days of our previous generations.
Obama's Farewell Address

7 Best Moments from President Obama’s Farewell Address

Yesterday, at 8 p.m. at the McCormick Center in Chicago, Barack Obama gave his highly-anticipated farewell speech to the United States of America, sharing bits of his life and his many pearls of wisdom as he motivated Americans broken by the election of Donald Trump to mend their spirits.

15 Things You Didn’t Know About AR Rahman

My mother and I disagree on many things, but the genius of the majestic music composer AR Rahman isn’t one of them. Since I was a young girl, I remember

8 Reasons to Get Hyped, Lit, And Turnt About 2017

2016 will be the sweaty uncle dancing at Maya’s sangeet, and 2017 will be the Zayn Malik doppelganger who compliments your lengha in the line for food. My point being, 2017 will be better, and below are some reasons why.

Raja Krishnamoorthi: A Beacon of Hope for Illinois, Women, and the Middle Class

Believe it or not, this year’s elections aren’t completely filled with woes. Thanks to Democratic Candidate Raja Krishnamoorthi, there is a beacon of hope.

8 Hilarious Ways to Combat the Blues of Missing Your Motherland

The sound of the giggles and shouts of neighborhood children running another soccer or cricket match rings in your ear. The image of a sizzling pakora, drenched in carbs and the perspiration of angels, being swiftly handed over to you by a street vendor flashes in your mind.
Hillary Clinton

‘Don’t Forget the Women’ — An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

It was only a few months ago when I Tweeted my undying devotion to your BFF, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, almost purchased a “#FeeltheBern” crop top, and even contributed to a fellow Brown Girl’s piece on supporting Sanders.

9 Stories Told in 3 Sentences Prove Mother-Daughter Relationships are the Strongest

Strong women make stronger women. These words couldn't ring truer when it comes to the beautifully empowered staff of Brown Girl Magazine. Each and every girl comes with her own stories, her own experiences, and strength. In every single word that each of these women writes are the hidden stories of hundreds of women before them who made it possible. Today, we take a moment to write about these women.

The 10 Most Irritatingly Common Questions People Ask Vegetarians

When you decide to pursue a more vegetarian-centered lifestyle, people bombard you stupid questions and statements. Yes, they are almost always annoying.
desi parents

10 Things Desi Parents Have Taught Us

Here's a list of 10 things that only desi parents manage to teach us.

DJ Ice on how he Started his Hip-Hop Career and the Changing Face of...

Originally, Aman Singh aka DJ Ice, began his reign in the music industry at the age of sixteen, when he DJed as a hobby.

President Barack Obama’s Response to Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Speech: A Beacon of Hope

Wednesday was an important day for the students of my small Islamic school, and Muslims everywhere because President Obama visited a mosque in America for the first time as President.
zayn malik

Here’s One Brown Girl’s Thoughts on Zayn Malik’s ‘Pillow Talk’ You Need to Read

Every brown girl across the world has Tweeted about it; it graces your Facebook feed, conversations, magazine covers, and Instagram timeline. You guessed it—Zayn Malik’s debut music video, “Pillow Talk.”

Things That Should Be on Every Brown Girl’s Resolution List

As women of similar descent, it is our responsibility to remind one another to set our best foot forward. I now present our collective Brown girls new year’s resolution list.

One Brown Girl Proves You Don’t Have to Belong to a Particular Group to...

On Friday, when the Public Relations officer of my school, Austin Peace Academy, approached me, the President of the Student Council, with the idea of a vigil for the San Bernardino shooting victims, I was hesitant. Certainly not because I do not support this cause, but because of so many other factors involved.

15 Questions You Should Be Ready to Answer at a Desi Party

BG Duriba feels that she would rather make any hasty accommodations than have a meltdown dealing with the series of questions posed by “that one Aunty”; which is worse than a mango "Kulfi" in an Indian Summer.
melanie chandra

Actress Melanie Chandra and Comedian Rajiv Satyal Take us on a...

This Friday and Sunday evening, actress Melanie Chandra (HBO’s 'The Brink,' CBS’s 'Code Black') and comedian Rajiv Satyal (first person ever to do standup on all seven continents) are putting on a two-person comedy show, Back to School, at The Tank NYC.

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