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My 4-Day Trip to Austin and San Antonio, and a List of Must-Sees While...

by Dhara Singh - Follow @BrownGirlMag When the recent “cyclone blizzard” hit the east coast two weeks ago, I was casually exploring the cities of Austin and San Antonio in Texas with my...

Poem: ‘Reign’

there were crevasses we missed but in time passed even the toughest veils had faded away

A 600-Mile Family Trip to Wisconsin Turned Into an Amateur Photographer’s Dream

I was probably the last person to think Wisconsin would be my vacation substitute (sorry Wisconsin natives!). But boy, was I wrong.

5 New York City Bucket List Items That Will Make You Want to Skip...

New York City is its own world of wonders, so don't ever limit yourself to happy hour.
amita trasi

Sisters Separated By Caste – A Review of ‘The Color of Our Sky’ by...

Imagine not knowing you share the same blood as the low-caste girl your family adopted. The one that is a few years older but always dutifully providing you her company. Your mother admonishes your father for bringing this girl of a lesser societal status home, but for you, she’s practically a sister.

10 Reasons You should Visit Greece with a Tour Group

The tours allow you to have a flexible experience in Greece where you can choose to relax on your own or take part in an optional tour.

Is Beauty An Accomplishment? My Response to Priyanka Chopra Voted “Second Most Beautiful Woman...

I know many people reading this will argue that she was chosen for being much more than a pretty face - a Goodwill Ambassador, breaking diversity barriers, and more. But who are we kidding?
melanie chandra

Actress Melanie Chandra and Comedian Rajiv Satyal Take us on a...

This Friday and Sunday evening, actress Melanie Chandra (HBO’s 'The Brink,' CBS’s 'Code Black') and comedian Rajiv Satyal (first person ever to do standup on all seven continents) are putting on a two-person comedy show, Back to School, at The Tank NYC.

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