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Sonam Kapoor

5 Style Lessons we Learned From Sonam Kapoor

With a versatility that’s reminiscent of U.S. fashion icon Olivia Palermo, Sonam Kapoor effortlessly embodies multiples aesthetics in their entirety – she’s eastern and embellished one day, clad in the clean lines that characterize western fashion the next.

Meet Sonia Mehta––Book-Loving Analyst by Day and Singer by Night

Some people might be surprised to learn that Sonia Mehta—a quiet, book-loving financial analyst by day—doubles as a musician at nights and on weekends.
Simoni Shah

Entrepreneur Simoni Shah on Building a Venture With a Girl’s Best Friend, Diamonds

Simoni Shah, a 25-year-old New York native always knew she’d wind up working with diamonds like most members of her family do—but that doesn’t mean her story isn’t all her own.

Akta Adani’s India Boulevard Makes Designing the Perfect Dress Easier for a Bride-to-be

As a bride-to-be, planning a wedding is nothing short of a challenge. But as a South Asian bride-to-be, I can firmly say, planning a South Asian wedding is more than a challenge—it’s a massive undertaking.

Burn Calories With Bollywood Dance at a BollyX Class Near You

Just about anyone who has tried and failed to stick to a fitness regimen will tell you: finding a workout that is both effective and enjoyable is nearly impossible.

Kulfi Enthusiast Pooja Bajaj Wants to Bring Legendary Indian Dessert to Mainstream Grocers

Pooja Bajaj is, quite literally, in the business of recreating childhood memories. As a child growing up in a South Asian family, Bajaj loved eating kulfi—an Indian ice cream dessert. Now, as a 31-year-old New Yorker, she has built a company around her love of the dessert she spent her childhood enjoying.

New York-Native Dhanish Karthik Stars in Malayalam Telefilm ‘I Love You’

Dhanish Karthik knows what it means to follow your passion—he left a stable career to fully devote his time to his passion, and he hasn’t looked back ever since.
Dress for the Day

Dress For The Day Friends-Turned-Co-Founders on Fashion Meets Technology

You may have heard that two friends should never go into business together. After all, people love to warn would-be entrepreneurs of the dangers that surface when you combine business and friendship.
Amara Majeed

Meet the Founder of The Hijab Project —— Empowered 18-Year-Old Hijabi Amara Majeed

Amara Majeed is a feminist. She also wears a hijab—and she doesn’t think these two things are at odds with one another. In fact, her view is quite the opposite. Majeed is actively doing her part to change any and all stereotypes that exist about hijab-clad women.

Vishavjit Singh, ‘Sikh Captain America,’ on What it Means to be American

Vishavjit Singh, 43, is one of the many people who are challenging misconceptions of what it means to be an American. He is not just doing his part to become an exemplary citizen, he is going above that. He has stepped into the role of an American superhero, one that goes by the name of Sikh Captain America.
November 9, 2019 | New York CitySlashie Summit


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