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Hasan Minhaj: From The Daily Show HQ to the Cover of GQ India

Hasan Minhaj, the senior correspondent on The Daily Show and creator of hit Netflix special Homecoming King, is GQ India’s newest cover star.

Flipping the Script on Indian Food: An Interview with Sri Rao, Filmmaker & Author...

Sri Rao's latest project is a cookbook titled “Bollywood Kitchen,” which pairs his original mouthwatering recipes with modern Bollywood Movies, connecting the taste and flavors of his dishes to storylines of movies.

Signs of Climate Change Oceans Apart: How You Can Help Houston and South Asian...

What both these incidents have in common, apart from their obvious tragedy, is that they are both consequences of climate change. In a few cases, disaster relief can become disastrous itself. When people with good intentions donate things that aren’t wanted in a disaster response, the consequences may actually be harmful.

Teenager Nabra Hassanen Murdered While Returning from Mosque During Ramadan

by Sruveera Sathi ­ - Follow @browngirlmag In the early morning hours of Sunday, June 18, 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen and a group of friends, donned in abayas - a traditional Muslim floor-length attire...

#LooksLikeASurgeon: An Interview with Dr. Zarina Ali, Pennsylvania Hospital’s First Female Neurosurgeon

by Sruveera Sathi ­ - Follow @browngirlmag Our #WCW this week, Dr. Zarina Ali, found medicine as her calling at a young age—something she realized as early as first grade while doing a...
SA anti-blackness

Addressing South Asian Anti-Blackness: The Attacks on Africans in India

by BG Staff - Follow @browngirlmag This post is an installment of Brown Girl Magazine's "Chai & Chat" series, where our writers has a round table discussion on current topics affecting...

Why it’s Important for Every Immigrant to Make Sense of Their Story

by Sruveera Sathi Earlier this week, I sat down to help a friend with her honor’s thesis on the experience of 1.5 Generation Indian Americans with the American public school system....

22 Badass Feminist Moments That Inspired us to Do Better in 2016

There is no better way to end this year than to remind ourselves of all the wonderful ways, from sports to politics to humanitarian endeavors, in which feminism prevailed.

What Idli Means to a First Generation Indian-American

How could I possibly fit the full essence of an idli, in the typical attention span of someone who asks me that question? So that’s why I’m writing this piece. To go beyond, “it’s a steamed rice cake.”

Taking off the Invisibility Cloak: Understanding the Asian American Vote

I didn’t realize it then, but it was the first time that a town hall of such a magnitude was convened to specifically address the Asian American electorate.
domestic abuse

What it takes to be an Advocate for Survivors of Domestic Violence

I tend to think of myself as a pretty rational and practical person, and I often am, especially when it comes to giving relationship advice to my friends.

Playing the Name Game: Reclaiming my Ethnic Identity

Most immigrants have been there—that feeling when you’re playing the name game on the first day of class.

Aziz Ansari: A South Asian Is Finally Hosting Saturday Night Live

I've dreamt of being the first Indian person to host but only ever thinking of it as a dream. And now Aziz Ansari is living that dream as he hosts SNL this weekend.

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