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Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal’s Push to Raise Awareness and Research about South Asian Heart Health

A few years ago, one of my cousins died from a heart attack at age 29. Unfortunately, this is a common phenomenon, with South Asians having the highest death rate from heart disease compared to other ethnic groups.
nawaz sharif

What Does Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Ousting Mean for Pakistan’s Democracy?

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resigned on Friday after Pakistan’s Supreme Court found him guilty of corruption, and his removal has brought forth major questions regarding Pakistan’s future as a democracy.

In ‘Duality,’ Brown Girl Narratives Take on a New Form of Bharatanatyam

In “Duality: Dance Ballet of India,” presented at Portland’s Newmark Theatre on April 1st, classical bharatanatyam was used to convey stories of the present—specifically, the stories of Indian immigrant women and their children today

How the Travel Ban Shook America and it wasn’t ‘Just Rhetoric’

“It’s just rhetoric,” pundits chortled all over the country from the very day Trump announced his proposal to run for President. Everyone paid attention to how Trump’s poll numbers shot up after the announcement of his “Muslim ban.”

What Diwali Means to Young South Asian Americans Celebrating Away from Home

The truth is, we haven’t really celebrated Diwali in my family since I was in middle school. Even when we were young, we never did more than fireworks and pakoras. My parents were just not into celebrating holidays.
ro khanna

Democratic Congressional Candidate Ro Khanna Up Against 15-Year Incumbent

Ro Khanna is running for California’s U.S. House of Representatives’ 17th District seat, challenging incumbent Mike Honda. I spoke briefly with Ro Khanna over the phone about his thoughts on entering politics, the challenges facing the United States and the Indian-American community, and how he intends to make improvements to our society.

Peter Jacob: Home of Indian-American Congressional Candidate Vandalized

But running for office is not easy for the majority of Asian-American candidates. South Asian candidates in particular, who often have to face charges of "otherness" in a multitude of ways, whether it is because of their names, religions, or families.

Brown Girl News: Indian-American Denied Car Out of Sheer Racism

When I read in the news that a New Jersey dealership was sued for refusing to sell an Indian-American a car because the dealer believed the man would “sell it to the Taliban,” I didn’t really know how to react or even how to discuss this relevant piece of news.

Brown Girl News: Khizr Khan, Muslim-Americans, and the 2016 Election

I’m not Muslim-American, but as an American, I was touched by Khizr Khan’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last week.
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Brown Girl News: South Asian Americans for Political Office In the 2016 Elections

There aren’t many South Asian Americans who hold political office. South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is the only Indian-American governor in the United States. Congressman Ami Bera is the only Indian-American in Congress. Both have pretty simple, easy-to-pronounce, North Indian names. Both are Christian.
bullying, brown girl

Brown Girl News: The Discussion About Bullying and Hinduism

The Hindu-American Foundation recently released its 2016 Bullying in American Schools report and I was sad to find out that none of the results really surprised me. According to the study, one out of three survey respondents said they had been bullied because of their religious beliefs.

Why I Want to Write for Brown Girl Magazine

Brown Girl gives South Asian Americans the opportunity to challenge the mainstream narrative about people like us and allow South Asian women to tell their own stories.
Brown Girl news,

Brown Girl News: The Spelling Bee Winning Streak, Hari Kondabolu, and India vs. South...

"Brown Girl News" is a panel discussion where we discuss issues of significance to the South Asian community. In this particular video, we discuss recent events in the South Asian-American community and current issues.

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