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cauliflower rice

Around the World in 7 Cauliflower ‘Rice’ Recipes

There's one place any impending travel bans simply can't touch—your kitchen. I'm here to show you how to cook your way across the world in the sanctuary of your kitchen while you explore the flavor profiles of iconic rice dishes.
St Patrick's Day

The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Guide to Leafy Green Recipes by Desi Bloggers

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I'm sharing recipes from 13 exceptional brown women food bloggers. Good luck getting through this list and not wanting to cook at least one if not all of these healthy and delicious dishes!

9 Sweet ‘Not Your Mama’s’ Holi Recipes

Some of these recipes are rifts on more traditional recipes and others are modern, western dishes spun for Holi.

How to ‘Play Colors’ on Holi with Cookies

Check out this fun (and edible!) DIY project you can do with your guests this Holi!
Zain Alam

A Wayfarer’s Travel: An Interview with Zain Alam of ‘Humeysha’

When I was approached by my editor to interview Zain Alam of Humeysha I was like sure, why not? I hadn’t heard of the band and was hungry for some different music, something I could sink my teeth into.

A Valentine’s Day Special: How To Find A Good Catch

Celebrate your love for seafood with these easy tips for what to look for when shopping for fish!

Eating Indian Food on Valentine’s Day: Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self

Know thyself. Know thy body. And know what to order! Happy Valentine’s Day, Loves!

Butter Chicken Monkey Bread: The Perfect Dish for Your Super Bowl Party

What we got going on here is buttery naan balls stuffed with butter chicken served with piquant butter chicken jhol as a dipping sauce, all homemade with a masala blend which is a touchdown (I had to use at least one football term here).

Chana-ge a Trois: Chana Masala Three Ways

Shan Food's chana masala saves me from having to combine all the bevy of spices that contribute to making hella good chana masala.
henna cookies

7 Hand-Shaped Henna Design Cookies For Your Mehendi

You’ve been eyeing those Pinterest boards of the ridiculously cute henna hand cookies, re-configuring your budget, and justifying paying for such a delicious detail. No judgement here.

3 Easy Recipes for Naan-Stop Cooking

Too much naan, yes, I get it. Its hardly a problem. But all that flatbread lyin' 'round and you want me to just heat it up and use it to sop up some subji?

6 Modern Recipes for a Lit Lohri Party!

Time to get your Lohri celebration on! Can we get an "aadar aye dilather jaye" up in here!

The Perfect Combo of Carbs, Cheese, and Masala to Feed Period Cravings

by Soni Satpathy-Singh - Follow @SketchyDesi What are your ultimate period cravings? I have a overwhelming hankering for masalafide, carby, cheesey dishes. My naan balls and spicy saag artichoke dip was born from this...

Bling-Out Your Sangeet On A Budget (Spoiler Alert: Christmas Decorations are Involved!)

I hopped on Pinterest and looked up "DIY sangeet decorations." This is a great start for getting into DIY mode!

10 Recipes That Are Holiday Cookie Goals

10 cookie recipes with decorating instructionals on how to jazz up your holiday cookie like a bawse!

Da Bomb-ay Biryani Gift Basket that You’ll Want to Make

It's that time of year. You're scrambling to get through your list of people you need to buy holiday gifts for. You're not exactly a baller, so, you have to stay mindful of your budget.

One Brown Girl’s Journey in Drowning out the Noise with WOW

We should love ourselves and not only that, we should love ourselves the way we are.

How to Host a Tea Party Like a Bawse

by Soni Satpathy-Singh - Follow @SketchyDesi Picture it: multiple-tiered tray stands overflowing with both savory and sweet foods.  A bottomless teapot.  Colorful, make-you-feel-special decor.  There's something about a well-executed, decadent, and delicious...

International Tea Day: A Chai-Lover’s Galore!

Today is lnternational Tea Day so we thought we'd pay homage to our favorite way of drinking tea by sharing all things chai!
priya's mirror

‘Priya’s Mirror’ and Reflections on Institutionalized Gender Violence

Priya’s Mirror - a feminist comic that addresses acid attacks and both the survivors and perpetrators of these atrocious hate crimes.

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