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Actress Rati Gupta Shares her Passion for Dance and Advice for Anyone Breaking Into...

Meet Rati Gupta, dancer, actress, extraordinaire! BG Jashima spoke to Gupta about her many roles, and advice she had for fellow actors.

Aasif Mandvi’s Latest Dramedy “The Brink” is a Must Watch Political Satire

With political shows on the rise, HBO has released a new dark comedy series “The Brink,” starring Tim Robbins (The Shawshank Redemption), Jack Black (School of Rock), Aasif Mandvi (Spiderman 2) and Pablo Schreiber (The Manchurian Candidate).

5 South Asian Americans to Celebrate During Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

May is a month full of celebration: the arrival of spring, remembering those who died serving in the armed forces, and honoring the achievements of Asian-Pacific Americans.
kiran ahluwalia

Indo-Canadian Musician Kiran Ahluwalia Releases “Sanata: Stillness”

India-born vocalist and composer Kiran Ahluwalia kicks off her U.S. tour for her latest album, “Sanata: Stillness.” The two-time JUNO Award, known as the Canadian Grammys, recipient’s career spans over a decade and includes six groundbreaking albums.

Brown Girl of the Month Rafa Farihah on Staying True to Her Roots and...

Rafa Farihah is a journalist, fashion influencer and YouTuber based in Houston. Moving frequently while growing up, she attended 12 different schools in New Jersey, Houston, and Bangalore, India. This allowed...
Approaching Emptyvideo

U.K. Theatre Director Pooja Ghai Tackles Family, Friendship and Power in ‘Approaching Empty’

Pooja Ghai's directorial "Approaching Empty" tackles family, friendship and power amongst U.K. South Asians in the midst of the post Thatcherism impact.

UPDATE: Salman Khan Convicted & Immediately Released on Bail in 1998 Poaching Case

Salman Khan has been convicted and booked for five years for the famous black buck poaching case that has been making headlines for the last 20 years.

Evoke—Globally-Inspired Handcrafted Jewelry for the Free-Spirited South Asian Woman

Suhita Sengupta, the founder Evoke, was not always a jewelry designer. She actually started her career as an interior designer. Evoke is a globally inspired unique handcrafted statement jewelry for the free-spirited woman.

Jai Jai Hooray Channels the Everyday Woman’s Inner Goddess Through #SheIsAGoddess Campaign

Jai Jai Hooray is a company that is re-imagining cultures of South Asia by making beautifully simple toys and tools.

Dhotis, Jasmine, and Bling: South Indian Fashion Staples

Dhotis (mundu) are a huge staple of South Indian attire. For a long time, dhotis were predominately worn by men but it has finally become a part of female fashion as well.

Becoming ‘Bollywood Bev’ and Going Boldly in the Star Trek Universe

I call her “Bollywood Bev.” She was an idea created out of the endless desire and longing of one brown girl to see herself reflected in her world and grew into a more complex project centered around a wholly unique figure bursting with inspiration and self-empowerment that even I did not
Lakme Fashion Week

How Lakme Fashion Week Empowered a Brown Girl to Define her Life in Colors

Disclaimer: I dress up extra chic hoping to be stopped and photographed in the streets of Seattle. One of my social media fantasies is to be featured in a local fashionable-people-in-the-city blog. But I can’t help to think sometimes, if, in a city as grungy and plaid-loving as this, my colors are too loud.

Kalki Koechlin’s ‘Margarita, With a Straw’ is a Must-See New-Age Bollywood Film

Who are you? What interests you? What makes you happy? What is your sexuality? Who do you lust for? Are you even happy with yourself? These are a few of the many questions Laila (Kalki Koechlin) in “Margarita, With a Straw” helps us explore.

An Ode to Brown Boys

Brown boys, as a group deal with a lot of unnecessary stereotypes and attitudes from Western cultures. While brown women are seen as exotic and an object meant to be attained by white men, brown boys are thought of as docile, lifeless computer geeks (think Raj Koothrappali from "The Big Bang Theory").
kanya, brown girl

What Hinduism Says About Virginity: Kanya to Kanyadaan

People tend to have strong opinions about women and virginity. This piece was particularly hard to write for that reason. Within the past few months, as I was gathering research and materials for this article, I started meeting people who coincidentally wanted to speak to me about this very same topic.

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