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Meet the Staff: Sneha Goud

Sneha Goud is a recent graduate from Michigan State University. She was a business major and currently works for a large consulting firm, but still takes time to expand her interests...
brick walls cover

Saadia Faruqi’s ‘Brick Walls’ is a Must-Read Short Story Compilation of Modernizing Pakistan

BG Sneha Goud reviews Brick Walls, by Saadia Faruqi, terming it the latest collection to help Americans understand Pakistanis are not much different than themselves. The characters are all bound by a love for their home in Pakistan and their struggle to thrive in a place they love under threat from internal and external forces.

How Neem is Making a Comeback with All-Natural, Cruelty-Free Skincare Products

The following post is brought to you by JustNeem – a North Carolina-based company, inspired by nature and ancient Indian roots to infuse science with the medicinal secrets of the Neem tree. JustNeem has funded...

10 Makeup Products Perfect for Beautiful Brown Skin

Are you looking for makeup products to suit your beautiful olive skin tone? Look no further, because here is all you need to know when it comes to makeup for brown skin!

Graphic Designer Badal Patel Shakes up Indian Invitations With Modern Designs

Graphic designer Badal Patel maintains a day job at a design agency in New York City, but in her free time, she creates Indian-inspired cards, posters, and stationery.

SAIFF 2017: ‘In English we Say’ — A Story About a Mismatched Couple Finding...

by Sneha Goud - Follow @Sneha_Goud Among the latest generation of westernized, urban Indians, arranged marriages seem outdated and irrelevant. However, Harish Vyas’s latest film "In English We Say," playing on Friday,...

Urban Desi Artist Mickey Singh Takes the Stage in New York City to Benefit...

Indian-American singer Mickey Singh will be performing at the American India Foundation New York Young Professionals chapter benefit concert on Thursday, December 7.

#WeDoBelongHere: Why I’m Still Proud to Be American, Despite Stereotypes

Every Fourth of July, when the Internet (or at least my corner) is abuzz about the hypocrisy of the United States celebrating a history of violence, war, and discrimination, I feel a little guilty for enjoying the day.
New York Indian Film Festival

New York Indian Film Festival Premieres with ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ and ‘Mostly Sunny’

by Sneha Goud – Follow @Sneha_Goud “Lipstick Under My Burkha” The 17th annual New York Indian Film Festival premiered with the film, “Lipstick Under My Burkha,” originally banned in India. The Central Board...
sexual assault

5 Girls React to Abuse in Different Ways in New Music Video

The song puts a spotlight on the emotional and physical distress of sexual assault survivors.
women's march

What You Need to Know About the Women’s March on Washington

by Sneha Goud – Follow @Sneha_Goud Immediately following Donald Trump’s election, activists worldwide started planning events to protest his agenda. After months of planning, the Women’s March on Washington will take place...
Amit Jani

Amit Jani’s Leadership Program Gives Young South Asians a Chance to Start a Career...

Brown Boy Amit Jani is part of a small but growing group in America: the South Asian American politician.

#MakingHerstory: Meet Hillary Clinton’s Diverse Group of Supporters

We asked some of her die-hard supporters to share their reasoning for choosing Hillary Clinton as their leader of the Free World.
panama papers

The Panama Papers, The Bachchans, India and What Little We Know So Far

Even as conversations about wealth inequality dominate the American presidential election, the release of financial records of the global elite has pushed the issue onto the limelight – The Panama Papers.
Donald Trump

Hindus Rallying for Republican Frontrunner Donald Trump Portray him as Lord Vishnu

by Sneha Goud - Follow @Sneha_Goud Though 84 percent of Indian-Americans voted for President Barack Obama in 2008, several Republican groups have recently formed—two of which actively support Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. Hindus For Trump Today, Hindus...
Ali Najmi

The New York Times Endorses South Asian-American NYC Council Candidate Ali Najmi

Ali Najmi—a criminal defense attorney trade, who was born and raised in Queens. One of six candidates vying for the seat, progressive Democrat Najmi has his eyes set on becoming the first South Asian American New York City Councilman, District 23, in Eastern Queens.
priya vedi

Dr. Priya Vedi’s Suicide Proves the Need for Change with India’s Homosexuality Law

Another Indian has fallen victim to the country’s outdated and intolerant views on homosexuality. Dr. Priya Vedi, an anesthesiologist at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, committed suicide on April 19.
mindy kaling

Mindy Kaling Sports the ‘Invisible’ Look, But I am Still Wondering, Are Indian-American Women...

Granted, the Super Bowl feels like ages ago and football season is officially over, but the thought of Mindy Kaling starring in a Nationwide commercial airing during the game's prime time is something I cannot let go of. And even though I am one of those who does not care for the big game, except for the wings and company, I was especially excited to watch the much-hyped 30-second commercial.
South Asian Americans

Four South Asian Women you Need to Know From SAWCC’s Annual Benefit

The South Asian Writers Creative Collective, founded in 1997, showcases many forms of South Asian women's art, from literary festivals, studio circles, art exhibitions and performances. The event featured four South Asian American performers, a silent bidding auction and an opportunity to mingle with the many creative souls that comprise the populace of the SAWCC.

Comedian Hari Kondabolu Brings The Funny To NYU

Skidmore College described comedian Hari Kondabolu’s performance in 2011 using the above tagline. His fan base and reputation has grown beyond stereotypes since then, as evidenced by the packed house last Thursday night at Kondabolu’s kickoff event as NYU’s 2014-2015 Artist in Residence.

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