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Meet the Staff: Simerjeet Sahota

Born and raised in Cleveland (it's the reason), I moved to Columbus, Ohio to attend undergrad at THE Ohio State University.

The Sahota Project – Part V

For my final interview, I got a little more than I expected. The interviewee has been through a whole different experience of love than I've encountered with anyone else I interviewed

The Sahota Project – Part IV

For my next foray in the world of love and relationships, I interviewed a personal hero of mine: My longtime friend, Megan (but don’t tell her I told you that).

The Sahota Project – Part III

My next interviewee scared me a bit. And not in the good "terrible horror movie made in someone's basement" way.

The Sahota Project – Part II

For my first interview, I didn’t go too far out of my comfort zone. Really, I called my cousin. But I have a good reason, I promise.

The Sahota Project – Understanding Love

We’re all in the same boat. I like to call it the “educated, responsible adult boat”. Oh and single. We’re definitely all single. Or at least single in the eyes of family members. And we are declaring our hatred of marriage. Blame it on the economy, blame it the increased evidence of the sexualization of America’s youth (Skins, Jersey Shore anyone?) but we’re all hanging out, toiling, waiting for “the conversation.”

Taking the Big Step from Interreligious Dating to Interreligious Marriage

Before our interreligious marriage, we were just two kids interreligiously dating, which was easier. We avoided any mention of religion, aside from a few passing discussions on how far we’d each reached in our respective religious studies. When we visited each other's parents, we’d jokingly discuss cultural differences and similarities.

This is What A Telugu-Punjabi Wedding Looks Like

“So, we do this thing...” I pause, waiting for his full attention. “We do this thing where two weeks after the wedding, you go back to your parents' house...for like a week.” My new husband, who I love dearly, rolls his eyes. “That’s dumb.”

When Indian-American Fashion Designer Bibhu Mohapatra ‘Stole the Show’ in India

Fresh off of her sartorial win at the State of the Union, First Lady Michelle Obama landed in India as stylish as ever. Dressed to impress in New York-based, Indian designer, Bibhu Mohapatra, FLOTUS stole the spotlight and had both India and the United States buzzing.

Indian-American Fashion Designer Tina Tandon on her Career, Inspiration and Collections

You may not recognize the name yet, but South Asian designer Tina Tandon will be a household name soon enough. The U.S. born designer began her career at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and upon completion of her studies, Tina worked at well-known companies such as Escada, Christian Lacroix, and West Elm.

My Epic Parisian Summer Vacation

This summer, I need to acknowledge that I was the luckiest person I know. There were no engagements, weddings, or children born to me. There was no promotion, new job, or some fortuitous finding of lots of money.
Farha Ali Photography

BG Spotlight: Photographer Farha Ali

Researcher by day, photographer by weekend, Farha Ali is one busy Brown Girl. Ali was born in Saudi Arabia but raised in the United States from the age of two. She lived in Philadelphia and attended college in Pittsburgh, PA. She graduated with a Biology major and an English Literature minor. Ali is currently applying to medical school.

Muslim Vday Cards: “Is It Haram To Be Drunk Off Your Love?”

Inside the community, I wasn’t good enough – I didn’t wear hijab, was too old to be marriageable, too independent to be lusted. So I wanted to break both perceptions, and destruct the narratives and perceptions that people placed on me. The cards aren’t for everyone. But I see them as a form of radical art that challenges people to think about their ideas and perceptions.

Interview: Rebecca Minkoff X Tumblr Contest Winner – Anjni Raol

I had the pleasure of interviewing recent winner of the Rebecca Minkoff X Tumbler contest winner, Anjni Raol. All contestants were required to submit a t-shirt and tote bag design. As part of her prize, Raol's winning t-shirt design walked the runway during the Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week 2013

While you were realizing that it’s no longer summer and pulling out those fall sweaters, New York was already on its way to Spring 2014.

Wedding Season: Dupatta Styles

Now that I’m safely in the home-stretch of wedding season (3 down; 2 to go), I’ve learned a thing or two. First of all, I don’t think I ever want to get married.

Summer Fashion 2013

Oh hey, looking for some summer trends? Don’t forget to try some of these.

Marchesa’s Indian Inspiration

When I was younger, I used to get offended when I would see a designer “borrow” from India or be “inspired” by India.

Bangladesh’s Faulty Fashion Industry

Fashion is by definition transient and changing, based on trends and movements, time periods and technology.

India Fashion Week 2013 Review

My biggest complaint about the internet (gross exaggeration, but go with it) is that despite all of the streaming

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