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9 powerhouse south asian women

9 Female South Asian Powerhouses: Leaders of Past, Present and Future

For Women's History Month, we highlight nine powerhouse women who represent our community and have made noteworthy contributions across various industries.
jahajees rise

Jahajee Sisters: When We Rise, You Rise For The Next 100 Years

The production took audience members through 100 years of possibility. This type of envisioning should be seen over and over again until it becomes the new reality of the Indo-Caribbean woman’s experience.
Stacy Singh

Breaking Domestic Violence Silence in the Indo-Caribbean Community

The Jahajee Sisters, an organization committed to creating a safe and equitable society for Indo-Caribbean women and girls, collaborated with other South-Asian and Indo-Caribbean affiliated organizations on Jan. 15 to host a vigil for Stacy Singh, who was killed in a domestic incident.

Indo-Caribbeans and Slut Shaming: The Story of Sharon Seudat

In 2016, Sharon Seudat, 20, was bleeding profusely, after receiving emergency medical attention a doctor determined the blood was a result of childbirth.

Slashie Summit

Coming October 2019Slashie Summit


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