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The Colonial Eye: As the British Saw and Described Indians – The Delhi Durbar...

The Delhi Durbar of 1903 was held to celebrate the succession of British monarch King Edward VII (the great-grandfather of the current British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II) as the Emperor of India. The British Empire, whose reins were successfully taken over by the British government from the East India Company after the failed Indian Mutiny of 1857, was at its zenith.

The Colonial Eye – As the British Saw and Described Indians: Maharajas and...

by Shefali Chandan - Follow @browngirlmag The British “comic paper” Punch (subtitled The London Charivari), ran from 1841 to 2002 and used humor and caricature to comment on the follies and pretensions...
colonial eye

The Colonial Eye: As The British Saw and Described Indians

India and Pakistan recently celebrated 70 years of independence from colonial rule. The British colonial period spanned over 200 years. During this time a prodigious number of images were produced by Britons. A period of history can be better understood by studying the images that were created to document it. By looking more closely at some of this art as well as analyzing the accompanying commentary, we get a deeper and more layered understanding of the colonial mind, interests and opinions of India and its people. This piece will also help South Asians to think more critically about images in history and those used in media today."
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‘The Strongest Bond of Fraternity’: Social, Political And Artistic Links Between India And African...

Indians and African Americans share longstanding social and political connections that go back to the late 19th century. These connections, grounded in the shared anti-colonial and anti-racist histories of the two groups, and their impact on American politics and culture are usually overlooked in historical accounts of Indo-US ties.
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The Travel Ban Isn’t New: America’s History of Restrictive Immigrantion Legislation – Part II

Indians revel in their successes in America since the doors opened but completely gloss over the struggles and racism experienced by the first Indians who immigrated. Pioneers like Dalip Singh Saund, who lobbied and fought for citizenship rights for Asians and the struggles of the San Francisco-based Gadar party are all but unknown to the Indian American community.
immigrant legislation

The Travel Ban Isn’t New: America’s History of Restrictive Immigrant Legislation – Part I

“GET out of my country” is what the white, Navy veteran Adam Purinton is alleged to have said before shooting and killing Indian Srinivas Kuchibhotla and wounding Alok Madasani in Austin’s Bar

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