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It’s Mental Health Awareness Month — 4 Incredible South Asian Resources to Break the Silence

Mention "depression" or any other mental illness in casual conversation with a South Asian and you are bound to be shunned. There's no question about it: mental health is heavily stigmatized...

7 Badass Successful Women Who Were Still Figuring it all out in Their 20s

I more or less told my counselor the other day: "I think I failed at life." She looked at me and nodded, clearly doing her best to keep a straight face. As I approach...

9 Mental Health Hacks: How to More Easily Afford Mental Health Support

by Sheena Vasani - Follow @SheenaVasani First, you have to deal with cultural stigmas and then you have to deal with finances. As a South Asian American, I know firsthand how difficult...

Help! The Pressure to Marry and Have Kids is Destroying Us

For whatever reason - biological, financial, psychological - some of us have not been lucky enough to turn our own dreams into a reality yet, if ever. Unfortunately, insensitive relatives and even friends often overlook our circumstances and fail to show compassion.

Islamophobia Damages the Mental Health of Young South Asians – Here’s What We Can...

Right now, Islamophobia is hurting all of us South Asians, Muslim or not. On a very basic level, South Asians - from Hindus and Sikhs to atheists - are being dehumanized because of how we look. This is a burden we all share, not just Muslims.
Desi Wellbeing Project

Desi Wellbeing Warriors: South Asians Breaking the Mold

What does it mean to be an emotionally healthy—or psychologically empowered—South Asian? How can we cultivate communities that nurture one’s emotional health?
somy ali

Somy Ali Changes Lives of Domestic Violence Victims Through ‘No More Tears’ Initiative

Ali’s work at No More Tears differs from many other domestic violence charities by providing immediate help on every level to abuse victims from all cultures. From finding survivors a place to live, helping them find employment, receiving therapy, and even driving lessons, there are no services the charity does not offer.
Sheena Vasani

Overcoming Mental Health Stigma Within South Asian Communities One Story at a Time

Clearly, mental health is still an unexplored issue, not talked or written about enough. And that’s why I’m happy to launch a new section on Brown Girl, dedicated to promoting mental health among young South Asian women.

18 Most Memorable South Asian Feminist Moments of 2014

Given that South Asian countries are listed as some of the most dangerous places to be a woman, every action and voice – however small or big - is a much-needed step forward. We salute every South Asian feminist taking a stand, even if you didn't make our list of advocates.

You Can Be Indian and Not Hindu: An Agnostic Indian’s Thoughts

I read an otherwise well-written piece arguing Urban outfitters indulged in cultural appropriation when they chose to sell products featuring Lord Ganesh. While I agree that their actions were insensitive to Hinduism, as a religion, I had qualms with Saumya’s assertion this was cultural appropriation.
Toxic Masculinity

These 5 South Asian Men Are Opening up About Their Mental Health and Toxic...

Mental health has always been a taboo subject in the South Asian community, but thankfully these days more and more people are breaking the silence. Yet sadly, there's still one group...
November 9, 2019 | New York CitySlashie Summit


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