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sheena pradhan

Meet the Staff: Sheena Pradhan

Sheena Pradhan is best known for her work in nutrition and her love of writing, pageantry, modeling and public-speaking.
Sheena Pradhan

Brown Girl of the Month Sheena Pradhan Balances Health, Beauty and Business in Her...

Sheena Pradhan is a nutritionist, entrepreneur, pageant contestant, writer, model and enthusiast of life. She has even competed and won a triathlon! She wears many hats but her main passion in life is to become a successful nutritionist and help people lead healthy lifestyles.
Aziz Ansari

Brown Girl Magazine Staffers Respond to Aziz Ansari’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the contributors at Brown Girl Magazine but do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the publication. As...

Evoke—Globally-Inspired Handcrafted Jewelry for the Free-Spirited South Asian Woman

Suhita Sengupta, the founder Evoke, was not always a jewelry designer. She actually started her career as an interior designer. Evoke is a globally inspired unique handcrafted statement jewelry for the free-spirited woman.

South Asian Women are Making an Everlasting Mark in the Pageant World, and Chhavi...

Verg’s 1st runner-up placement in the pageant was a historical first and I’m sure she had all the Brown Girls supporting her across the nation. I know I was one of them.

Learning How To Freelance in a Cutthroat Industry

I have been freelancing doing various things that I am able to monetize: nutrition, social media for different brands, writing, styling, fashion trade shows, and working for two different fashion brands on a part-time basis.
infused water

3 Infused Water Ideas to Keep You Hydrated

We’ve all heard dietitians and nutritionists say that soda is bad for you. Well… this is, for the most part, true. However, there are some tricks to making sure that you stay hydrated.
shivika sinha

Brown Girl of the Month: Shivika Sinha’s Transformational Journey to Find Passion, Purpose and...

Today, my work lies at the intersection of conscious capitalism, mindful consumerism, marketing, business, and technology. I believe that business must play a role in alleviating humanity's greatest crisis in order for exponential positive impact to occur.

ShopBollyWear: Makes Shopping for South Asian Outfits Accessible and Affordable

Everyone loves glamming up for a special event, but we don't love the stress of buying a new outfit every occasion, especially if we don't live close to a Little India that is filled with desi boutique store fronts and dhabas serving samosa chaats. Luckily, there's
Sheena Pradhan Yotel

Learning to Appreciate My Job as a Model

I am so fortunate to have a gig, where I can just show up, be myself, and get paid for it. There are definitely times where I don’t appreciate my life as a model and actress enough.
sheena pradhan

Burning Bridges to Achieve Success as a Model

The only problem with getting a bunch of auditions was that it was only my second week of serving, and I was scheduled for lunches all week. Being at the restaurant during the day would conflict with my audition schedule.

Indus Thread: Making Desi Fashion a Whole Lot Easier and Affordable

Your cousin’s wedding is this weekend. It’s your fifth South Asian wedding this season. You’ve already worn three of your favorite lehengas and two of your favorite saris. You don’t want to pull out any of your old clothes that everyone in your family already saw last year, but you really can’t afford to spend more money on a new lehenga.
qandeel baloch

What the Qandeel Baloch Murder Means to South Asian Women

On Friday, July 15, 2016, Qandeel Baloch, one of Pakistan’s most famous and controversial social media stars, was strangled by her brother after he had protested at the “kind of pictures she had been posting online.” Baloch’s videos and photos on social media were not much different from many social media stars from around the world.
sheena pradhan

Highs and Lows of Working in the Entertainment Industry

Adrenaline rushes through my veins even when I’m just on an audition. Modeling and acting for a gig is exhilarating. I always come home energized and ready to work on my next project. Unfortunately, while auditions happen often, bookings do not.
sheena pradhan

Finding a Job to Support me While I Aim For My Dream

Maybe I was a little idealistic thinking that starting from scratch would help me make a career out of blogging, modeling, and acting. After 6 months, I’ve gotten my name out there and learned a whole lot, but money is still a problem

Indelust: A Socially Conscious Online Boutique With Avant-Garde Independent Designers

Ladies, don't you agree, shopping is even sweeter when you know the brand is doing something good for the world. We sure do, and that's why we introduce to you——Indelust, an online boutique with a mission to decrease economic disparity and promote an ethical production process.
sheena pradhan

What I Learned From Applying to be Miss USA

I applied to the spot of Miss 52. A few weeks later, I received a phone call that I had been selected as one of the top 25 candidates to vie for the title. As it turned out, I was still young enough to compete.

The Life of a Brown Girl Breaking Barriers in Modeling and Acting

I have decided that I want to chronicle my journey of ups and downs in my career for the readers of Brown Girl Magazine in this new series of #ModelingDiaries.
sheena pradhan pageant

The Great Debate: Whether or Not to Talk About Your Heritage in a Pageant

As a member of the South Asian community, I have always grappled with the question of whether or not to talk about my Indian-American identity in a pageant interview. And if I do talk about my heritage in an interview, how much should I talk about it?

Anthropologie Shoots With Model Neelam Gill in Rajasthan

The American brand, Anthropologie, shot its March Lookbook in Rajasthan, India, with none other than our favorite brown girl model Neelam Gill. There's no better way to officially welcome Spring than with Gill's spectacular looks for the everyday American Desi girl.
November 9, 2019 | New York CitySlashie Summit


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