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That Time Brown Girl Sarah Khan Played the ‘BFF’ Game at SXSW

At this year's South by Southwest in Austin, the Dropbox Podcast Studio hosted a two-day event to showcase various podcasts, two of which are friends of Brown Girl—American Desis and Good Muslim Bad Muslim.

Chef Vikas Khanna on his Haunting Directorial Debut with ‘The Last Color’

Vikas Khanna is a Michelin star chef who has shaken the culinary world by becoming a filmmaker with his new film "The Last Color."
diversity of love

Zainab Khan Celebrates the Diversity of Love in a Visual Series Featuring Couples in...

“Affinity” challenges the stereotypical face of love in South Asian culture by capturing 10 different couples in the UK and presenting their love stories in their own words. The series celebrates that love comes in a variety of forms and why representation is vital to acceptance.

Ms. Marvel AKA Kamala Khan Might be Coming to the Big Screen!

Kevin Feige announced this past week that he’s working on "plans" for Ms. Marvel, and BG Sarah Khan explains why this potential screen time for the first mainstream Muslim superhero would mean the world to so many young Muslim women.

‘Always Be My Maybe’ Review: Ali Wong & Randall Park Shine in Relatable &...

BG Sarah Khan recently watched 'Always Be My Maybe,' and has spoken: Ali Wong and Randall Park need to team up more. This is Netflix’s newest classic.

From YouTube to NBC: Lilly Singh Claims Her Late-Night TV Throne as the First...

In huge news for South Asians in entertainment, NBC announced that Lilly Singh would be getting her own late-night show after Jimmy Fallon & Seth Meyers!
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian on the Cover of Vogue India Goes Beyond Her Reputation

Vogue India, in general, tends to feature prominent Indian actresses on their covers, and while I agree, sure this time too they could have gone with an Alia, Deepika, Shraddha, Priyanka, there is nothing wrong with picking Kim Kardashian.

‘Basmati Blues’ Isn’t a Winner, But Utkarsh Ambudkar is on His Way to Stardom

by Sarah Khan - Follow @karahshan "This movie is a love letter to India, For India, about a woman who goes there to try and help but finds out that India is...

Am I Muslim Enough For You?

Kafir was a nickname given to me by the Muslim community of Tumblr circa 2009.
jemar michael

Jemar Michael’s Talks ‘Dear White People’

I slid into Jemar Michael’s DM’s about "Dear White People" a series that released on Netflix, based off the indie film "Dear White People" by Justin Siemiens.

#DressLikeAMuslim: On Hijabi Fixations and Criticisms of Non-Traditional Muslim Women

The problematic understanding of Muslim womanhood is not only what drives prevailing misconceptions about Muslims in the West, but it is also what severely limits our representation in Western media.

Swet Shop Boys’ ‘Cashmere’ and the Representation We Need

by Sarah Khan - Follow @karahshan My family came to America to give my older sister, Aisha, a chance to live. My dad gave up all of his factories, businesses and his...

Celebrating The Best Gift Hrithik Roshan Gave Us All: Dance

by Sarah Khan - Follow @karahshan Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan! The Bollywood hunk, dance machine, surprise comedian, and insanely charismatic actor turns 44 years old today. While this multi-talented star has given us so...
kid cudi

I Can’t Stop Thinking about Kid Cudi and his Apology for Depression

I once read somewhere that 1 in 5 South Asian women suffer from depression and have thoughts of suicide. I was a statistic.
swet shop boys

The Swet Shop Boys take on Racism in ‘Cashmere’

The rap duo Swet Shop Boys have come out with a new hit expressing what it’s like to have brown skin, deal with the TSA, and live in the era of Trump.

How to Spot a Desi Fuckboy

Everyone knows what a fuckboy is, but not everyone can precisely tell you what a fuckboy is, so let’s start off by defining what a fuckboy is.
sangeet, brown girl

Here’s Your Summer ’16 Must-Have Mehndi and Sangeet Playlist

Shaadi season is upon us and that means multiple occasions of singing, eating, and dancing the night away. If you’re looking for the perfect songs to channel your inner Hrithik, Deepika, Govinda, or Madhuri at the sangeet or reception, we’ve got you covered!
farhan akhtar, brown girl

Farhan Akhtar Steals Our Hearts During his First-Ever U.S. Tour

I've always considered myself somewhat of a Farhan Akhtar fan, like yeah, I can name some of his movies and songs - and that's about it. But wow, on Thursday night, I fell in love with the man.
kenza, brown girl

Cancer Touches Everyone: How You Can Help Cure Kenza

Cancer. The one word you never want to hear from your physician's mouth. The one word you never want to hear from your friend's or family's mouths. The one word that has the ability to uproot entire lives, families, and communities.
DFW South Asian film festival, brown girl

Brown Girl’s Recap of the Second Annual DFW South Asian Film Festival

“The arts are our soul. You cannot survive without the arts.” These words spoken by the New York Indian Film Festival’s prestigious executive director, Aroon Shivdasani, filled the theater at the Perot Museum in Dallas on opening night of the Dallas-Fort Worth South Asian Film Festival.

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