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9 Hollywood (and Bollywood) Movies You Should Watch this Christmas

Even though my Muslim family does not celebrate Christmas, we have all come to love the lights, tinsel, and jolliness that the month of December brings. Not to mention all that time to spend time with family, friends, and indulge in movies.
no trump

5 Things for Brown Girls to Keep in Mind Post-Election

Congratulations! You have successfully survived the first weeks of the next four years to come with Donald Trump as President-Elect of the United States.

So What Do You Think of Trump?

After correctly identifying my Muslim identity, these interactions inevitably lead to the same question: “So what do you think of Trump?”
internet trolls

Brown Girls Guide To Trolls And How To Fight Back

If you’re an outspoken, independent brown girl, chances are you have run into your fair share of trolls both online and off.

In Support of Zahra Haider and Sex-Positive Pakistanis

Zahra Haider contrasts Pakistan’s position as “statistically the horniest country in the world” with its identity as the Islamic Republic, where pre-marital sex is not only looked down upon but has been historically punishable by force.

M.I.A.’s Remarks on #BlackLivesMatter Spark Controversy

Sometimes the art is smarter than the artist. At least, M.I.A.’s recent comments in an interview for the British magazine Evening Standard certainly made many feel that way.

Zayn Malik’s ‘Mind of Mine’ And Desi Redemption

I’ll admit, I am not the biggest One Direction fan. Yet, as a Pakistani-American, I cheered Zayn Malik from the sidelines like he was my distant, slightly alternative cousin: wary of his choices, skeptical of his cliqué, but hopeful he’ll end up alright.
period tracker

The Must Have Period Tracker Apps for Every Brown Girl

Gone are the days that your mom would color in your period days on a calendar with red marker. As a doctor, I can't begin to tell you how important it is to keep track of the regularity of your cycle and flow.

Representation or Appropriation in Coldplay’s ‘Hymn for the Weekend?’

Just a week before their Super Bowl halftime show, Coldplay released the music video for “Hymn for the Weekend” featuring Beyoncé. Set in Mumbai, India, the video shows the band playing Holi with children in the street, while Beyoncé is portrayed as a Bollywood film star on the silver screen.
Suraiya Ali

Suraiya Ali, Body Hair, and the Clap Back Heard Around the World

Retweeted more than 1,000 times, the seemingly harmless photo captioned “walmart underwear vibes” was met equally with glowing praise and harsh criticism on Twitter. While fans commended Suraiya's unfiltered figure, others suggested “maybe instead of buying walmart underwear you should buy a razor.”
indian dating

Desi Dating Apps Versus Your Aunty’s Biodata

In an effort to better understand the evolution of biodata and how desis evaluate each other, I set out on a quest to join every desi dating app the Apple App Store had to offer. I created profiles for a total of 10 apps, all marketed towards or largely used by South Asians. Rather than list individually what each app offers, my observations below are aggregated in order to demonstrate overall trends.

M.I.A.’s Newest Self-Directed Music Video ‘Borders’ Embodies Empowerment

M.I.A.’s music has unapologetically toed the border between diaspora and homeland for years. In “Borders,” her new self-directed music video, M.I.A. proves just how well she can blend pop prowess with a political message.

Newsfeed Confessional: Facebook’s Cathartic Approach to Advocacy

Social media’s ability to connect people from around the world via newsfeed compels users to believe they are engaging in meaningful dialogue with every post. However, if you frequently use social media as a platform for political expression, chances are your posts echo one of these trends.

Sisters, Saheli: Building Better Alliances Among Brown Girls

With desi girls, reminders of a failed friendship are seemingly inescapable: awkward run-ins at community dinners, strained conversations twice a year at Eid prayers, polite responses when Aunties ask, “So, what is so-and-so doing these days? You two were like sisters.”
brown kid

Not the First, Not the Last: Fetishizing Oppression and Activism From the Margins

There’s a game I used to play at desi dinner parties, it’s called Battle of the Edgy Brown Kids. As parents mingled and children expertly avoided questions about future career goals, I would step back and survey the room. I would watch the Aunty who insists on taking too many photos that you will never see and the uncle who talks too loudly about politics in the Middle East.
cultural appropriation

Coldplay’s ‘Hymn for the Weekend’: Cultural Appropriation or Not?

Is Coldplay’s new “Hymn for the Weekend” music video starring Queen B and Bollywood beauty, Sonam Kapoor yet another example of cultural appropriation in pop culture or is Coldplay truly appreciating Indian heritage?

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