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People’s Opinions Aren’t Facts: 4 Tips to Boost Your Body Image

But a person could become 90 pounds and STILL feel overweight. A person can get plastic surgery and still be unhappy over a different physical feature. This goes to show that body image problems concern much more than what one actually looks like.

Victim-Blaming Doesn’t Work: If You Want to Help, Listen to Victims First

Think of the last time you blamed someone. Did it make the victim's problems go away? Did the victim thank you for being such an inspirational person in their life? Did the victim increase their respect for you? Probably not.

Dear Brown Girls Who Were Bullied: Here are Five Things to Know

Remind yourself that your bullies’ comments on how you look have no validity to them. Remember that Priyanka Chopra and Nina Davuluri are examples of attractive and successful Indian women who still got bullied.

#TherapyTalk: Choosing the Right Therapist for You

If you’re a South Asian that was raised to always obey your elders, please realize that you’re not responsible for taking care of your therapist. Your therapy sessions should be about you and your needs.
white people

Why I Refuse To Believe In The “White-People-Are-Sex-Crazed” Stereotype Among South Asians

An Indian man once said that he found it hard to believe that my white teenage school classmates were conservative and religious about sexuality.

5 Ways Desi Girls Can Heal From Sexual Assault

You may be dependent on your perpetrator. You may be told that you’re unmarriageable. You may worry about other people judging you. You may worry about looking weak. Or, you may be a very private brown girl who doesn’t know how to put her experiences into words (and that’s okay). With all of that in mind, it’s no wonder why some brown girls keep their abuse a secret.

Finding the Right Therapist: Should you Seek Counseling From a Desi?

Therapy is supposed to be that emotionally safe place where you are offered an empathic ear to explore what you’re going through. The last thing a prospective client would want is to feel criticized or treated like you're not good enough.


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