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Brown Girl of the Month Ruchi Shah Researches Cures for Malaria and Cancer

It surprises me that most people, when asked to picture a scientist, picture a male in a white lab coat. My goal is to change this perception of science by making science more accessible to the general public, whether through a science column in the local paper or talks in high school classrooms.

8 Reasons South Asian Women Are Beautiful

Sometimes our greatest insecurities lie within our greatest assets. While our White-American peers are risking skin cancer from skipping on the sun-block, some South Asian girls turn to harmful skin-lightening creams. No woman should feel the need to rely on a list to validate her sense of beauty. Regardless, hearing other perspectives can serve as a gentle reminder that there is beauty in everything. Below are qualities that survey respondents admired in South Asian women.
November 9, 2019 | New York CitySlashie Summit


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