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The Bomb Plot Mastermind is Revealed On ‘Quantico,’ But More Questions Arise

WOW! Tonight is "Quantico's" winter finale, but I need to brace myself before tuning in at 10 p.m. because last Sunday's episode (10) was full of action and if you need to catch up on the drama, read our review of episode nine before jumping to 10!

Sh*t Hits the Fan in the Latest Episode of ‘Quantico’

So, in this week’s episode, Alex Parrish is desperate and decides to hide in a house close to where Ryan Booth was shot —the FBI has the whole area surrounded and they are closing in fast.
priyanka chopra

‘Quantico’ Exposes Everyone’s Secrets and Priyanka Chopra Remembers Her Acting Skills

And finally, Priyanka Chopra has remembered that she is an actress.
third culture kid

Growing Up as a Third Culture Kid in Vancouver, Hong Kong and India

I’m what people call a “third-culture kid.” The term is defined as someone who grew up away from his or her parents’ culture for a long period of time. My parents are third-culture kids too, which is pretty common in Hong Kong. There’s a large Indian community there, and many people have citizenship from other countries.

‘Quantico’s’ Gross Negligence of Misrepresenting Minorities is Scummy to Say the Least

So, after last week’s episode, where Alex teamed up with Simon in the present, our protagonist finds that her father was an FBI hero at Quantico. And, we the viewer, get this gem of an episode (please apply heavy sarcasm to this sentence, thanks).

Episode 2 of ‘Quantico’ Leaves Major Room for Improvement

So, last night was the second episode of Quantico, a show with an already problematic setup with Priyanka Chopra playing the suspected terrorist, Alex Parrish. I’m really quite bothered by the fact that she doesn’t have a South Asian name it seems as though she’s been so colonized that she doesn’t even connect with her own heritage anymore.

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