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For Everyone who has a Secret Love Their Brown Parents Won’t Approve of

Congratulations! You’ve discovered a career you’re in love with and can’t wait to share it with the whole world! But wait, did you forget your parents live in this world as well and they’re watching you from everywhere. From social media, through your webcam, from under your bed - yes, even under your bed. That monster you feared was lurking under your mattress as a child was never an actual monster; it was just your parents’ pending, incremental disappointment in your life choices. Which is honestly scarier than whatever the Boogeyman had planned. So play it safe, girl!

To the White Mom Who Felt Insulted by the Henna on her Daughter’s Hands

Yet ever since I was five years old and began my first day in an American school, I was taught the most wonderful time of the year is at its dwindling end—specifically during the holidays when Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and the New Year is celebrated. December in America means Christmas and Christmas meant lights, snow, presents, trees, and God—even though he wasn’t my God.
racial climate

Black, White, and Brown: South Asians in America’s Current Racial Climate

While I definitely recognize the pervasiveness of racism—and have even felt it to a degree myself—I can’t help but feel I should not touch certain topics because as a South Asian, do I even have a right to vocalize opinions or solidarity on the topic of today’s racism? Is it a conversation that is—no pun intended—strictly black and white?
amber rose

Women’s Sexuality’s Conversation Starter is None Other Than Amber Rose’s SlutWalk

Amber Rose, herself refuses to adhere to a label. She is a mother and a sexual being who unabashedly attends public events wearing clothing bearing labels such as slut and whore, in an effort to desensitize the words associated with sexual policing.
November 9, 2019 | New York CitySlashie Summit


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