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Mother Demands #JusticeforZainab and Change to Cultural Norms

I can’t sleep. Ever since I have laid my eyes on the picture of seven-year-old Zainab, who was abducted, raped and murdered, then left in the pile of trash in Kasur, Pakistan – my mind wanders off to the horrendous and inhumane acts that led to #JusticeforZainab.

Ramadan Brings Couples Closer Together —That’s What I’ve Always Thought

I've always thought the month of Ramadan, the time to worship and not indulge so much in worldly matters, would strengthen one's bond, make hearts flutter with each other's commitment to God.

Poem: ‘Relishing in Comfort’

When we find ourselves in the embrace of love and affection, we often forget to emphasize on the regular happenings of the day. The very bond between a couple that binds them in simplicity and unspoken understanding, is often overlooked and not so much given attention to.
mahershala ali

Mahershala Ali Becomes First Muslim Actor to win Best Supporting Oscar for ‘Moonlight’

Mahershala Ali becomes the first Muslim actor to win Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars last night.
Mahira Khan

India-Pak’s Divisiveness Kills Artistry: Why is Mahira Khan Not a part of ‘Raees’ Promotions?

It is a huge understatement, to say the least, about Mahira or to take her out of the equation in the whole film promoting process of "Raees" given the latest political tensions between India and Pakistan.

#ThankYouSallyYates: Why the Acting Attorney General’s Defiance Mattered

President Trump’s decision to fire his acting Attorney General, Sally Q. Yates, on Monday night, removing her as the nation’s top law enforcement came as a shock to the nation.
muslim in america

Does ‘God Bless America’ Include Muslims?

Do the words “God Bless America” mean to be inclusive of Muslims? Can I, as an American Muslim, feel proud and included when POTUS refers to America as our incredible country?
kal penn

Kal Penn Donates ‘Master Chef’ Winnings to UN Palestinian Refugee Agency

Watching Kal Penn win this competition would have been enjoyable to see, but his thoughtful and humanitarian efforts make his victory priceless.
your vote mattered

American Muslim Women: Your Vote Mattered

As we are all processing the procedures of Election Day, I would urge each one of you to not become skeptical, to not withdraw yourselves from doing great things or become disheartened with our new POTUS.
iftaar love

Iftaar Chronicles: Love in the Food Line

As we are approaching the end of Ramadan while the countdown to Eid has begun, we are to conclude this spiritual journey in much contemplation and inner thoughts. Some of them, spiritually uplifting and some, mundane such as the described, in this rather comedic scenario.
ramadan reflections

Ramadan Reflections: Mind, Body and Soul (Mate)

I've always thought the month of Ramadan, the time to worship and not indulge so much in worldly matters, would strengthen one's bond, make hearts flutter with each other's commitment to God, and at the end of a long day, conclude these amplified feelings, driven in animalistic hormones due to hunger and abstinence.

A Tale of Departure

Standing at the terminal, I hold tightly to his hand. He does not wince. He knows.

How to Achieve Serenity Through Eternal Optimism

It would be quite accurate to call me an eternal optimist. One that is always positive or seeks for positivity despite the circumstances and situations that occur in life.
Lessons Learned

Moving Forward: 10 Vital Lessons I Learned From the Past

With the start of a new year came the inevitable processes of self-reflection and creating resolutions. But before I could think of goals for 2016, I wanted to make sure I had gleaned as many lessons as I could from my past.

The World is Changed in Paris Aftermath: Do We Fear or Conquer?

As an American Muslim, I am appalled, extremely disturbed, and am left in mourning and prayer mode for all my fellow human beings in this bizarre world that we live in. This immense pain that I feel, requires no words, no screams or emotional outbursts as my brain cannot possibly understand why such evil is inflicted by one human to another. I just can’t.

Everything You Need to Know About H&M’s First Hijabi Model Mariah Idrissi

Mariah Idrissi, 23, is a U.K.-based Pakistani-Moroccan model, who was recently featured in the H&M nationwide Fall ad campaign. She may not be your average poster girl, but she is definitely a brown girl we can all look to and respect as a progressive young Muslim woman.
ahmed mohamed

#IStandWithAhmed: The Viral Effect of Social Media Hashtags

Imagine if someone were to time travel from the 19th century into our present world. Upon his/her first encounter with a digital iPhone device, he/she would be shocked at the metallic creature that isn’t breathing, nor seemingly alive, yet forms words on screen with the constant tapping of the fingers.
fawad khan

The Evolving World of Pakistani Dramas Builds Stronger Relations With India

Growing up in a Pakistani household, our TV drama series had an incredible influence on us, WBCD – Western Born Confused Desi. To this day, I am mesmerized by the captivating performance of Marina Khan in “Tanhaiyaan,” a story of a young girl who lost her childhood following the tragic death of her parents, which led to her older sister stepping into the parental role and fighting to maintain their home and sanity.
palestine israel

Gaza and the Power of Social Media

I find myself immersed in my Facebook news feed lately. Not because of the everyday superficial things we worry about, but because of the rawness of news delivery which I have come to realize is absent in mainstream media. The informative side of social media...

The Joys of Sibling-hood

A family unit consists of a mother, a father and their children. It’s the children that bring joy into this beautiful dynamic

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