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jahajees rise

Jahajee Sisters: When We Rise, You Rise For The Next 100 Years

The production took audience members through 100 years of possibility. This type of envisioning should be seen over and over again until it becomes the new reality of the Indo-Caribbean woman’s experience.

‘Fast Five’ Interview with Guyanese-American Art Curator Grace Aneiza Ali

Migrating to Washington D.C. at the age of 14, her curatorial work heavily focuses on migration, particularly from Guyana, and examines the intersections at which art, activism and social change connect. We were happy to speak with Ali recently about the ways in which her chosen profession shines a light on artists of the Guyanese diaspora.

‘American Haze’: Joining the American Fraternity Through the Eyes of Filmmaker Kiran Deol

Emmy-nominated filmmaker, comedian, and fellow brown girl Kiran Deol’s latest gift to the world is her short film “American Haze,” a personal account of her family’s migration from India via England to the United States.
donald trump

15 Things White People Should Not Say to POC

So frequently have I been subjected to microaggressive language over the last several weeks, that I have compiled a list of things which have actually been said to me multiple times by well-meaning white people including friends, but which have just proven to be harmful rhetoric which further perpetuates the racism that runs rampant far more visibly now than what it seemed before.

The Importance of Riz Ahmed’s Call for Representation

 by Miranda Deebrah - Follow @browngirlmag This past week, Riz Ahmed—actor, musician, and one-half of the duo Swet Shop Boys— delivered a compelling, heartfelt and timely speech to members of British Parliament...

10 Brown Girl Stories of 2016 That are Way Too Good to Miss

by Antara Mason – Follow @AntaraMason With over a million visitors to the website in 2016, it’s safe to say, we’ve had an incredible year! From the heartwarming and hard-hitting (756) stories...

A Group of South Asian Women Dared to Bare Their Insecurities in Front of...

The #BareFacePlay photo series was born out of the deep sadness I felt each time I encountered a woman who told me she couldn’t step foot outside of her house without makeup.

We Give You Every Reason to Take a Look Back at ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie...

Anyone who's ever seen and loved "Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham" will agree that this iconic film has an equally iconic soundtrack.

Becoming ‘Bollywood Bev’ and Going Boldly in the Star Trek Universe

I call her “Bollywood Bev.” She was an idea created out of the endless desire and longing of one brown girl to see herself reflected in her world and grew into a more complex project centered around a wholly unique figure bursting with inspiration and self-empowerment that even I did not
indo caribbean

#SouthAsianUnity: Indo-Caribbean Representation in the Diaspora

"Indians, Twice Removed," this phrase struck a chord with me as it's the best description I've come across that, in my opinion, that succinctly but powerfully describes the lived experiences of Indo-Caribbeans who are now settled in the United States and other western countries.

10 Athletes Who Made the 2016 Olympics Worth Watching

by Miranda Deebrah - Follow @browngirlmag As someone who is the furthest thing from an athlete and knows almost nothing about sports, the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil had me...

One Girl, 50 Years: An Ode to Guyana

Last month, Guyana celebrated its 50th Independence Day, its flag proudly displayed everywhere. 50 years. My country is now 50 years old, an infant in the global community.
harriet tubman

7 Reasons to Celebrate Women on Our Currency

Last Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced that Harriet Tubman, heroic abolitionist and civil rights icon, will grace the front of the $20 bill, which Politico calls “a historic move that gives a woman prime placement on U.S. currency”.

‘Sold’ — A Powerful Film That Calls an End to Child Trafficking

SOLD is a powerful and deeply moving film that serves to highlight child trafficking and modern slavery through the story of Lakshmi, a spirited 13-year-old girl from Nepal. She endures the unimaginable that no child should ever have to experience, learns of harsh realities life unfairly offers, forms unexpected friendships, finds allies who lend their support in small but meaningful ways, and discovers her own strength along the way.
south asian representation

We the Heroes: A Look at South Asian Representation in Western Media

This is a motto I steadfastly maintain in my day to day life. For as long as I can remember, since my childhood days in the little Guyanese village, I grew up in and even now as I navigate life in the bustling city of New York, I have been looking for representations of myself in the world around me.
cultural appropriation

The Blatant Cultural Appropriation in “Fuller House” is Not Cool

"Fuller House" was really good until it attempted to showcase Indian culture (episode 11) by having the characters throw an "Indian themed" party. AN INDIAN THEMED PARTY! OH! In another blatant example of cultural appropriation, thousands of years of rich history and heritage are reduced to a party theme for white people's amusement and consumption.

9 Stories Told in 3 Sentences Prove Mother-Daughter Relationships are the Strongest

Strong women make stronger women. These words couldn't ring truer when it comes to the beautifully empowered staff of Brown Girl Magazine. Each and every girl comes with her own stories, her own experiences, and strength. In every single word that each of these women writes are the hidden stories of hundreds of women before them who made it possible. Today, we take a moment to write about these women.
melanie chandra

Actress Melanie Chandra and Comedian Rajiv Satyal Take us on a...

This Friday and Sunday evening, actress Melanie Chandra (HBO’s 'The Brink,' CBS’s 'Code Black') and comedian Rajiv Satyal (first person ever to do standup on all seven continents) are putting on a two-person comedy show, Back to School, at The Tank NYC.

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