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Meet the Staff: Mayura Iyer

Mayura Iyer is not one to be idle – she is hyperactive and hates having nothing to do.

The Model Minority and the Public Education System

We puff our chests and inflate our egos believing that we are the true proof of the American Dream, that we do better because we value an education more and work harder than any other minority in this country. The model minority myth persists not just because white people believe it -- it persists because we believe it.
Dallas-Fort Worth South Asian Film Festival

Dallas-Fort Worth South Asian Film Festival 2017 Brings an Array of Films and Actors...

The event, which showcases films and features from South Asian directors, brought together a variety of talent through prestigious directors, actors and producers, to discuss a topic that is perhaps more essential this year than any other: the importance of South Asian stories in the entertainment industry.
south asian love stories

Love in the Simpler Days: Looking Back at Love Stories of our South Asian...

This Valentine’s Day we look back at some South Asian love stories from simpler days of our previous generations.

Why the #MuslimBan Isn’t Unprecedented: A History of Nativism in the U.S.

During waves of nativism we often see severe restrictions on immigration and targeted deportations on specific immigrant groups.

4 Organizations Fighting Against Trump’s Islamophobic Executive Orders

Several organizations are mobilizing in order to fight back on the President’s most recent actions against Muslims.
Southside With You

‘Southside With You’ is More Than the Story of Barack and Michelle Obama’s First...

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of seeing a screening of 'Southside with You,' a new movie featuring Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyer as Michelle and Barack Obama, which is an intimate story of the first-ever date between our current First Lady and the President of the United States.

The Indian Diaspora Through the Eyes of Bollywood

While Indian women in the diaspora might relate to Bollywood films by reconnecting with their homeland and by relating to portrayals of diasporic Indians within these films, the Bollywood film industry ultimately reinforces colonial stereotypes that trap diasporic Indian women within fragmenting binaries of Western “progressiveness” and Eastern “backwardness.”

Why We Need to Tackle Islamophobia in the Indian Community

I had repeatedly tried to separate myself from the Muslim population instead of supporting my Muslim-American peers experiencing prejudice - but as the vitriol towards Muslim-Americans escalates throughout the 2016 presidential election, our peers deserve our support more than ever.

AIF NYYP Hosts Gala to Promote Maternal and Infant Health in India

by Mayura Iyer – Follow @tweetsbymayura New York BG-ers: Mark your calendars. On Saturday, April 23rd, the American India Foundation - New York Young Professionals (AIF NYYP) Chapter is hosting their 9th Annual...

What Happens When You Write About Dating in a Culture Where Relationships are Taboo

It’s hard enough to write about relationships when they exist normally in your world. But when it comes to dating in the South Asian culture...well, it's mostly done behind doors and secretively.
south asian shows

No, I Don’t Watch Shows With South Asian Leads Because I’m Indian

I admit it—I watch a lot of television. Part of it is wanting to be a part of every show with remotely good ratings. Another part of it is a desire to emulate Lorelai and Rory Gilmore and fill my conversations with fast-paced, obscure pop culture references.
the mindy project

FINALLY! Mindy Confronts Danny And We Can’t Help But Cheer

Danny continues to put pressure on Mindy to have another baby. Mindy brings it up to Morgan and says she doesn’t want to bring it up before the wedding. However, Danny decides that he really wants to take Mindy out (even though it's a weeknight). They go on a really nice date, where Mindy is floored by the romance, sparkling wine, expensive dinner, and sex on a carriage ride. (“Like a fairy tale?”)
mindy kaling

Mindy Lahiri Rethinks Relationship With Danny Castellano

It’s been four episodes since we last saw Dr. Danny Castellano, and it’s become unbearably apparent to everyone in Mindy’s life. Mindy is unable to stop talking about Danny, and everyone is tired of listening.
bobby jindal

#BobbyJindalSoWhite: Are we Being Unfair to Bobby Jindal?

Bobby Jindal as a political figure has always been a point of contention for me, and for many other South Asian Americans. People in our community have often expressed disappointment with Jindal.
the mindy project

‘Later, Baby’ Mindy Lahiri Tries to Have it All

In this week’s episode, Danny Castellano is still in California and Mindy Lahiri is getting burnt out. Between two jobs, her baby, and covering all of the chores that Danny would have done, Mindy is struggling to have it all while keeping a positive attitude to support her fiancé.
Act to Change

One Brown Girl’s Struggle to Keep her Indian-American Identity

As a teenager, I had navigated my world as a hyphenated person: an Indian-American, two halves of a single identity that were always separate. I always felt like I had to choose one or the other.

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