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SA anti-blackness

Addressing South Asian Anti-Blackness: The Attacks on Africans in India

by BG Staff - Follow @browngirlmag This post is an installment of Brown Girl Magazine's "Chai & Chat" series, where our writers has a round table discussion on current topics affecting...

In Conversation with ‘Brown Girls’ Screenwriter and Poet Fatimah Asghar

There are only 2 minutes and 21 seconds of the trailer so far, but "Brown Girls" is easily going to be one of the best things about 2017.
arranged marriage

Stop Asking me About and Making Me Apologize for Arranged Marriages

Trauma can be embodied. It’s why my teeth grind and my fists clench when upon learning my ethnicity, someone asks me if my parents had an arranged marriage.

Learning to Love Yourself While Brown

I hated myself, skin and culture, for the better part of 21 years.

Addressing Anti-Blackness in South Asian Communities

For South Asians, hierarchy of skin color translates into the context in which we live; others, regardless of race, are understood through a similar prism.
zayn malik

Zayn Malik’s Autobiography Sheds Light on his Battle With Mental Illness

by Maryam Jameela - Follow @yammatron - Zayn Malik’s debut book, "Zayn," released this month—and with it have come excerpts about his struggles with anxiety and an eating disorder, as noted in...
women of color

Why are Women of Color Being Policed for Their Choice of Clothing?

Let’s take a moment to think about how we have come to this place – this place where a Muslim woman was forced to strip by an armed police officer, with the full weight of France’s institutions behind the police officer.

What Does Britain’s Independence From the EU Mean for its People of Color?

The last few days has seen a seismic change in British politics as the UK voted to leave Europe in a national referendum. The preceding months saw racist campaigning from Vote Leave, with Vote Remain campaigners barely faring better.

Pakistani-American Aizzah Fatima Breaks Unthinkable Boundaries in ‘Dirty Paki Lingerie’

Aizzah Fatima’s play 'Dirty Paki Lingerie' is continuing its run around the world, having already played at New York’s Flea Theater, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in Pakistan, Turkmenistan, and Toronto, to name a few locations.

#UnfairAndLovely Campaign Dares to Break Dark-Skin Stigma Around the World

No matter your age, size, gender or background, South Asians are told to stay away from the sun as to not become darker. Time and time again, young brown girls are asked to lighten the tone of their skin as if it were erasable. But three students from the University of Texas have had enough of the notion 'dark is not beautiful,' so they began the campaign #UnfairAndLovely.
Cultural appropriation

Hey, White Folks, This is What Cultural Appropriation Feels Like

Cultural appropriation is becoming a more widely used term but it sometimes misses the mark when speaking specifically in regards to particular post-colonial cultures being commandeered by the monolith of white supremacy.

Netflix Series ‘Sense8’ Leaves Gaping Holes in Minority Character Plotlines

The Wachowski siblings’ most recent Netflix show "Sense8" is a sci-fi series, which was recently renewed for a second season set to air in 2016, along with its popularity it has been noticed particularly for its diverse cast.
Kiran Gandhi

An Open Letter to Runner Kiran Gandhi’s #FreeBleeding Detractors

Over this past weekend Kiran Gandhi, blogger, ran the London Marathon without a tampon. As Kiran’s period began on the day of the marathon, she made the decision to avoid the discomfort of a tampon and ran whilst bleeding freely.

11 Reasons Intersectional Feminism May Be Right For You

Intersectionality was first theorized by legal scholar Kimberle Crenshaw in 1989 in her essay "Demarginalizing the Intersection of Race and Sex: A Black Feminist Critique of Antidiscrimination Doctrine, Feminist Theory and Antiracist Politics."

Depression and the Brown Girl: It’s Time For Action

I currently have depression and have tried a range of different approaches to be able to manage my day-to-day life. When I first saw a therapist I was extremely nervous about facing someone who wasn’t South Asian and trying to explain my problems.
ms marvel

Kamala Khan As ‘Ms Marvel’ Is The Greatest Thing To Happen To Pakistani-Muslim-Americans

It’s a shock to see yourself represented, it’s a shock to see a character having a carbon copy of a conversation you’re continuously having with people and it’s certainly a shock to see yourself represented in a resoundingly positive manner.
the good wife

The Fate Of ‘The Good Wife’ Archie Panjabi’s Character Kalinda Sharma

Kalinda Sharma has been a fan favorite since the early seasons of CBS’ The Good Wife. Kalinda has recently been written out of the show after being side-lined for a couple of seasons, with Archie Panjabi leaving the show to pursue other projects.
November 9, 2019 | New York CitySlashie Summit


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