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What Bollywood Taught me About Sensuality and Spirituality

I used to be embarrassed to share my love for Bollywood from fear of being labeled as "too Indian" by both my desi and non-desi friends.

Kajal Vol. I, The First South Asian Lit-Mag is a Progressive Way Forward

Kajal pioneers as the first South Asian literary print magazine. The poetry, prose, photography, and art include diverse diasporic experiences.
arranged marriage

Stop Asking me About and Making Me Apologize for Arranged Marriages

Trauma can be embodied. It’s why my teeth grind and my fists clench when upon learning my ethnicity, someone asks me if my parents had an arranged marriage.
brown wedding

What Rejecting the Big, Fat, Brown Wedding Can Teach Us About Diverse Desi Identities

Recently, I came across a couple of social media posts from Aman Ali, a writer and performer, and Maria Qamar, AKA Hatecopy, a popular visual artist who recently released a short film titled "BadBeti."

Anuradha Roy on the Dark and Lyrical ‘Sleeping on Jupiter’

I can’t say I believe in that saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” To me, a book’s cover makes the experience of reading all the more compelling.
desi parents

What my Desi Parents Taught Me About Conflict, Illness and Success

I didn’t grow up in a family where we regularly or openly expressed our emotions. I was always jealous when I heard my friends say, “I love you too, Mom,” before hanging up the phone. But, there were things about my family life that my friends envied, too.
Fried Cheese Balls

‘Fried Cheese Balls’ is the Intelligent South Asian Webcomic We’ve Been Waiting For

"My story begins with an arranged marriage. My dad was 20 years old. My mom was ten years old. This blows my mind. How does a child agree—or does she?"

I Knew What Seva and Kirtan Meant Before They Were Cool

More often, I hear the words seva and kirtan being contextualized in the western yoga community. In western teachings, seva is explained as a Sanskrit word that means “service,” and kirtan as a repeated chant used to quiet the mind.
Lakme Fashion Week

How Lakme Fashion Week Empowered a Brown Girl to Define her Life in Colors

Disclaimer: I dress up extra chic hoping to be stopped and photographed in the streets of Seattle. One of my social media fantasies is to be featured in a local fashionable-people-in-the-city blog. But I can’t help to think sometimes, if, in a city as grungy and plaid-loving as this, my colors are too loud.
aishwarya rai

Coping With The Racist Micro-Aggression ‘You Still Live with Your Folks?!’

It can be a racist micro-aggression that litters the speech of people outside the Indian-American diaspora. To be fair, many of us internalize racism and are not aware of it.

How Can Indian Americans Understand our Lack of Engagement With Nature?

My interests have often alienated me from my Indian peer groups, including my decision to major in Environmental Science during my undergraduate term. Maybe you’ve conjured up an image of me: a brown girl in a beanie, somewhere out of a Portlandia scene.

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