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The Cesarean Delivery Trend in South Asian Countries

We all came into the world the same way: childbirth. Well, almost the same way. Some of us were delivered vaginally and others were delivered by a cesarean section. Looking at two adults, you’d never know who was born which way. So, does it matter?
10 Influential South Asian Men Who Put Desis on the Map Forever

10 Influential South Asian Men Who Put Desis on the Map Forever

As we strive for progress, it’s important to reflect on the lives that have fought for the opportunities and rights we have today and honor their work and sacrifices. Here are 10 influential South Asian men who, despite being lost in the pages of history, live on in their contributions to the international desi community.

An Interview with Indie Rockers The Yellow Diary: A True Representation of East Meets...

The Yellow Diary, an alternative rock band, is a true representation of East Meets West! The talented bunch chats with BG Kanika about their journey.
Priyanka Chopra

Dear Priyanka Chopra, Endorsing Colorism and Discrimination is not ok. It Never was and...

So if you haven't heard yet, The Cut ran an article calling Priyanka Chopra a global scam artist and then later had to take it down due to social media backlash....
royal wedding

How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding Represented Diversity in British Royalty

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding has challenged centuries-old tradition, making room for positive change, embracing diversity and honouring the royal (and human) right to choose a significant other, regardless of marital background, status or colour.

A Call to Action: US Civil Rights and Indian Independence

As an Indian population of immigrants, coming to America allowed us a great opportunity as a result of the fight Black Americans have fought in demanding equal rights for people of color.

Brown Boy of the Month Anand Kuchibotla is Carving his Spot in Hip-Hop

Music is everywhere in India; there, it’s the very essence of life. The hustle of the city might sound like noise, but there’s beauty in the chaos.
african american

‘The Strongest Bond of Fraternity’: Social, Political And Artistic Links Between India And African...

Indians and African Americans share longstanding social and political connections that go back to the late 19th century. These connections, grounded in the shared anti-colonial and anti-racist histories of the two groups, and their impact on American politics and culture are usually overlooked in historical accounts of Indo-US ties.

Non-Black People of Color Owe Immeasurable Debts of Gratitude to Black Americans

NBPOC benefit, socially and otherwise, in insurmountable ways from Black movements. And for this, African-Americans are certainly owed immeasurable debts of gratitude.

Berning Down Stereotypes: Meet Bernie’s Diverse Supporters

The accusations of a lack of diversity among his supporters reached comical this past weekend when the Senator won primaries some of the most diverse states in the country by landslides, an accomplishment which somehow was still “whitewashed” by mainstream media.
November 9, 2019 | New York CitySlashie Summit


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