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Beauty of Dance: The Freedom of Expression

Meenu Jayakrishnan and Lydia Manchery are two passionate Bharatanatyam dancers who began the #BeautyofDance movement in November 2014.

Things That Should Be on Every Brown Girl’s Resolution List

As women of similar descent, it is our responsibility to remind one another to set our best foot forward. I now present our collective Brown girls new year’s resolution list.
Aamir Khan

What Aamir Khan Missed in his Statements About India’s Intolerance

by Elizabeth Varghese - Follow @browngirlmag - Those of us who live in America are lucky. We have the privilege of living in a society that includes so many religions, backgrounds, and...
sundar pichai

Why I Look up to Google’s Newest CEO Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai, born in Tamil Nadu, India, is now the third individual to become CEO of the establishment after years of dedication to the company and his education.

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