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The Brown List

Brown List is Back! BG Staff Recommends Fave August Products

Brown Girl Magazine staffers pick out the items you need in your closet, beauty bag and life! Don't miss the August Brown List!

The BG Staff Spreads The Thanksgiving Spirit

On this special day, we would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving & a Happy Hanukkah! As a group of individuals,who work from all over the states and the world, we are so grateful to have such amazing readers & fans. We are all so lucky to be given an opportunity to be the voice for young, South Asian women. We hope you have an amazing day with family & friends. Happy Holidays!

The Brown List: Staff Picks for November 2017

Whether you're looking for Thanksgiving recipes, a new nail polish, or ways to improve yourself, The Brown List has got you covered!

#BGSpeaksUp: Twitter Chat Sparks an Important Conversation on South Asian Mental Health

The narrative surrounding mental health in South Asian countries is negative at best - and more often nonexistent. As children of those who immigrated from these countries (or immigrants ourselves) we often don’t know how to approach our mental health, or that mental health is even something to consider.

The Brown List: Staff Picks for October 2017

by BG Staff - Follow @browngirlmag School is in full swing and we're back to the Monday grind. We're ready for the barrage of bonfires, apple picking trips, pumpkin patch hay rides, and PSL-inspired Instagram...

The Brown List: Staff Picks for September 2017

The weather is cooling down, but we're still getting summer breezes. It's weird weather time, but BGM's staff picks will keep you right on track.

The Brown List: Staff Picks for June 2017

It's summer time and BGM is turning up the heat with our fabulous staff picks. We'll have you beach ready in no time with exclusive beauty DIY's and product recommendations that are catered to YOU!

The Brown List: Staff Picks for May 2017

by BG Staff - Follow @browngirlmag Spring is in full swing! At BGM, we're throwing all our sweaters into storage bins and breaking out the sunscreen and dresses. Get your flower power...
The Brown List

The Brown List: Staff Picks for April 2017

Happy spring, readers! We know that the Brown List has been on a hiatus, but we're finally back and better than ever. BGM's staff wants to let you in on our favorite beauty, health and culture picks for April.
brown girls tattoo

9 BG’s Prove That Brown Girls Get Inked too

Stories of hardship, remembrance, ourselves–past, present and future–expressed through the art of tattoo. Meet our staff in a new way, through their ink.
The Brown List

The Brown List: Staff Picks for September 2016

With a new season just around the corner, we at BGM want to help you get your fall on! So without further ado, here’s our September staff picks.
zaynah arefin

Meet The Staff: Zaynah Arefin

Born just outside of Los Angeles and soon after shifting to New York (I still hold that against my parents), I have grown up primarily in the suburbs of New York along the Hudson Valley. Despite the fact that I was deeply rooted in the Bangladeshi culture that I was raised in, the amount of South Asian girlfriends I had was almost non-existent for the majority of my life.
elizabeth jaikaran

Meet The Staff: Elizabeth Jaikaran

Elizabeth Jaikaran was raised in Queens, NY and is the proud child of Guyanese immigrants. She is a student at New York University School of Law and will be joining a law firm as a litigator subsequent to her graduation in May 2016.
Duriba Khan

Meet the Staff: Duriba Khan

Hey there! My name is Duriba, how about a handshake? No, no, don’t really reach out to your screen. Brothers please, that’s haram, c’mon now. Oh, got your greasy fingerprints on the screen and my, do you brown girls have a strong grip. Wow! And how soft are your hands? Girl, what moisturizer is this? Costco’s generic lotion? OMG, ME TOO!
syeda hasan

Meet the Staff: Syeda Hasan

Hey BG world! My name is Syeda, and I’m a 23-year-old journalist living in Houston, Texas.
Paging Pri Priya Tahim

Meet The Staff: Priya Tahim

BG's advice columnist 'Paging Pri' lets us into the world of Priya Tahim.

Meet The Staff: Kamini Ramdeen

My name is Kamini Ramdeen, and just like everyone else in the world, I’d like to think that I’m not like everyone else in the world (you see what I did there?). I’m a writer. It’s the only thing that I’ve known that I could do.

BG’s Collection of Love Stories

Happy Valentines Day! We asked our staff and friends to share their love stories, whether it be stories about their significant others or anything else that they love in life! Regardless of how you celebrate today, don't forget to spread the love and of course, show your love for Brown Girl too.

Meet The Staff: Saumya Bhutani

Hi everyone! My name is Saumya Bhutani. I’m 21 years old and a senior at Vassar College, a small liberal arts school in the Hudson Valley in New York. I’m majoring in History and minoring in Biology, and I plan to attend

Meet The Staff: Hera Ashraf

Hello, beautiful people! My name is Hera Ashraf, and I am almost 22 years old. I am a college senior, studying biology (surprise surprise), and I currently write fashion and entertainment articles for Brown Girl Magazine.


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