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Atiya Hasan

COO & Editor at Large Atiya Hasan’s Journey With Brown Girl

I've been with Brown Girl Magazine since 2011. Back then it was just a small Texas blog, a product of love, by founder Aditi Mehta. I was just a struggling medical student looking for a creative outlet, so when I got the welcome letter from Aditi, I clung to BG like a life vest.
Rini Sampath

Rini Sampath Talks Mental Health and the Reality of her Term as USC Student...

When Atiya Hasan, the editor-at-large of Brown Girl, asked me to write a piece for the online magazine recapping my term as Student Body President at the University of Southern California, I actually felt a loss for words.

The Brown List: Staff Picks for September 2017

The weather is cooling down, but we're still getting summer breezes. It's weird weather time, but BGM's staff picks will keep you right on track.

I Wear Hijab and I Let a ‘Stitch Fix’ Stylist Style My Clothes

No one told me that there comes a stage in your adult life when you look in your closet and nothing is really you anymore. Despite changing body shapes, tastes, and fashion trends, my closet had grown stagnant.
kumar arora

Investor Kumar Arora of ‘Cleveland Hustles’ Proves Indian-Americans are no Longer Your Typical Doctors...

Kumar Arora sure knows how to stay busy. Two weeks ago, Kumar made his television debut as one of the four investors on the new CNBC reality series, "Cleveland Hustles," executive produced by Lebron James. See the profile video below:
reading list

6 Books Muslim Women Should Add To Their Reading List Post-Ramadan

Just like that, Ramadan is gone. You may feel like you are quickly losing that spiritual clarity you had reached during the final 10 days. It happens to the best of us. Which is why I have tried my best to put together a very short reading list of books, specifically for Muslim women. These books will help you to continue to reconnect with your faith and challenge your spiritual intelligence so you can keep growing.

The Cesarean Delivery Trend in South Asian Countries

We all came into the world the same way: childbirth. Well, almost the same way. Some of us were delivered vaginally and others were delivered by a cesarean section. Looking at two adults, you’d never know who was born which way. So, does it matter?

How a Breast Cancer Scare at 25 Changed My Life for the Better

Above my left breast was a reddish brown bruise. A bruise! I don’t remember hitting or scratching myself. I’m pretty sure I would have, a girl doesn’t easily forget something like that.

Islamophobia Damages the Mental Health of Young South Asians – Here’s What We Can...

Right now, Islamophobia is hurting all of us South Asians, Muslim or not. On a very basic level, South Asians - from Hindus and Sikhs to atheists - are being dehumanized because of how we look. This is a burden we all share, not just Muslims.
pap smear

What is a Pap Smear And Why You Need it

I might be generalizing, but if you are a South Asian woman, you have likely been given this pep talk at some awkward teen or preteen point in your life: "Boys are bad, don't touch boys."

Female Genital Cutting: A Continuing Tradition That Needs to End

This is a deeply personal piece by BG Mariya Taher about the practice known as Female Genital Cutting, or FGM or Female Genital Mutilation. Worldwide estimates of this practice are not accurate, but it is known that half a million women and girls were at risk of undergoing this practice in 2015.
first period

The Time Mother Nature Got Real at Hindu Temple and I Saw Red

I'm referring to my first period. If you’re South Asian, you'll especially be terrified to learn that it happened when I was 12 years old and in a temple (are you horrified on my behalf yet?), the one place I was always told that women should stay the away from when menstruating.
poonam and priyanka shah

Twin YouTube Choreographers Poonam & Priyanka Shah on Going Viral

Last year, I discovered Poonam and Priyanka Shah's "Ramta Jogi" choreography video on YouTube and became slightly addicted. Since then, I've kept in touch with the two and we've talked every now and then about their successes and all the new experiences in their lives. The classically bharatnatyam trained twin sisters are now moving into some unknown territory and working on new things.
period tracker

The Must Have Period Tracker Apps for Every Brown Girl

Gone are the days that your mom would color in your period days on a calendar with red marker. As a doctor, I can't begin to tell you how important it is to keep track of the regularity of your cycle and flow.

10 Designers That Revolutionized Abaya Fashion Way Before Dolce & Gabbana

The chatter about the new Dolce and Gabbana abaya collection is largely split between rave and daze. So, instead of sharing my opinion on a huge fashion house that’s appropriating religious garb, I would like to encourage you to look at less mainstream designers who have completely revolutionized the abaya in function and style in the past 10-15 years.
United States citizen

It Only Took 18 Years, But I’m Finally a United States Citizen

Not once, through the tumultuous journey to this point, did I question my wishes to become a U.S. citizen. The only thing that I understand is that, bleak as the current environment for any Muslim may be, if I can be a glimmer of change, of positivity in this world then this was only a first step.

South Asian Young Women Entrepreneur [SAY WE] Conference Comes to Texas This Saturday

This is the idea behind the South Asian Young Women Entrepreneurs (SAY WE) conference, which is taking place on August 22nd, 2015 in Sugar Land, Texas. According to their website, the network links together “business-minded executives in the fields of technology, finance, entertainment and fashion” to collaborate and share information on how to build their personal brands.

Fawad Khan Partners With Islamic Relief to Promote Pakistan Development

Fawad Khan, star of the ravingly popular Pakistani drama "Humsafar" and the Disney Bollywood movie "Khoobsurat" has been touring the US for reasons that fall very much outside of the Bollywood genre. His recent partnership with Islamic Relief to promote Pakistan development has taken him

Brown Girl of the Month and Food Blogger Priya Gulati

Priya Gulati (or “Chef Pri” as her readers know her) is a California­-licensed attorney, Bollywood dancer and teacher, and author of the vegetarian food blog Recipris.
muslim in america

The Conflict of a Twenty-Something Muslim in America, Post Chapel Hill Shootings

It's a scary time to be Muslim in America, and that's not something I felt even in the days that followed 9/11. Every time I step out of my house I am a little more aware of my surroundings, I pull my hijab a little tighter and I'm a little more conscious of the looks I get, trying to brush them off with minimal eye contact and a smile.

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