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Anuja’s Portland Diaries: It’s a City that’s Random, Original and for Readers

With Powell’s City of Books being the number one go-to item destination on my list, something was telling me that Portland will be a place for avid readers. I walked into this massive building and knew I was home.

The Last of One BG’s Portland Diaries: The City is Gardens Galore

As we come to the end of my travel diaries in Portland, Oregon, here's the last takeaway I want you to walk away with: Portland is gardens galore!

Here’s how one BG Found out What it Means to “Keep Portland Weird”

We were awed by Portland’s chill vibes on the first day, and the food did not disappoint!

The Time I Rose Above the Sky at Cusco’s Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain, or La Montaña de siete colores, has become more popular for tourists in the last year or so, and is a must-see!

The Perfect Pursuit of Adventure In Beautiful Peru

Peru is dense with culture and there's so much to see that you just may miss something if you blink. There's never a dull moment and every day is an adventure.

Austria: A Little Bit Of Mozart And So Much More

The snowy weather was more intense in Salzburg compared to Austria, but despite the cold, I think the snow added to the amazing, historical views of the city.

Munich: Home to History, Architecture, and Adventure

by Anuja Shashipadme - Follow @browngirlmag This post was originally posted on Anuja's Endeavors and republished with permission. Munich is one of those cities that allows you to feel nothing but awe, mixed...

Travel, Tourism, and The Netherlands

Our arrival from Iceland put us in the Netherlands at the Amsterdam-Schiphol airport, but our AirBnb location was about an hour away by train, in the small city of Den Haag ("The Hague" in English).

Here’s a Must-See Visual Travel Diary of Sydney, Australia

About 2 months ago, after a grueling summer of working and taking classes, it was time for a vacation. Fortunately, the right opportunity knocked on my door when my best friend told me she was planning to pursue an internship in Sydney, Australia!

Why Studying Abroad is Your Ticket to a New Beginning

Two years ago, I embarked on one of the best adventures of my life till date. In order to finish up the recommended requirements for my second major in Spanish literature, I decided to study abroad in Valencia, Spain for a month. Impulsive decisions are usually not ones I pride myself in taking, but this one was definitely one of them.

Meandering Through Mauritius

Mauritius left me in awe with all that it had to offer—from mountains, to waterfalls, to islands, and a busy city center—it truly was paradise.

Barcelona Bound: 3 Perfect Days in Catalán City

Barcelona is one of Spain’s most vibrant and energetic cities, a city that comes alive even during the dead of night, a city that will give you energy.

Sleepless in Seattle: 7 Things to Do in Seattle, Washington

The following list consists of places I recommend visiting if you find yourself randomly wandering through Seattle, Washington.

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