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Female Empowerment - Aziz Ansari

The Comedy Return of Aziz Ansari Begs the Question: Is Forgiveness Possible?

The comedy return of Aziz Ansari has prompted an inevitable question: should men accused of sexual misconduct be allowed a second chance? More broadly, can they be forgiven?

An Apology to our Daughters-in-law: Patriarchal Family Dynamics in South Asian Households

It is tradition in Asian families that after marriage, the bride goes to live with her husband and in-laws. This can include grandparents, parents, siblings and their children all living under one roof.

#MeToo in Bollywood: More Survivors Find Their Voices About Powerful Industry Insiders

As names of the accused begin to pile up in a matter of days, the Me Too movement has already knocked on the doors of men in various positions of power.

Director Kabir Chopra on Awkward Dating Stories & New Web Series ‘Swiped to Death’

BG Priyanka Oza interviews Kabir Chopra, creator of the newly released web series, "Swiped to Death," starring himself and Reema Sampat.
president donald trump

America, Let’s Not Forget About The New York Times Op-Ed About Trump’s White House

We tend to forget political turmoils after they have had their moment in the spotlight on social media, but the senior official within the Trump administion that wrote an anonymous op-ed on their experience inside the White House should not be forgotten so quickly.

‘Quantico’ Series Wrap-Up: ABC Closes the Door on Alex Parrish

On April 3rd, the first primetime American television show to boast a female South Asian lead — "Quantico" — came to an end after three seasons.

South Asians and Self-Harm: Why Do They Do It?

You may be wondering why someone would be cutting, burning, hitting themselves, and picking their skin if you've never done it before yourself. What do they get out of it? Just...

Medication for Mental Health: Top Tips You Need to Know

As much as seeking services for mental health issues is stigmatized and shamed, taking medication for assistance is often met with hesitation. When a primary care doctor prescribes medication for a...

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month — 4 Incredible South Asian Resources to Break the Silence

Mention "depression" or any other mental illness in casual conversation with a South Asian and you are bound to be shunned. There's no question about it: mental health is heavily stigmatized...

Our Justified Hatred for Larry Nassar and Brock Turner Shouldn’t Shape the Criminal Justice...

We’re so accustomed to prison – from movies, from presidential candidates, from the reality of our criminal justice system – that we’ve forgotten what it truly means to throw someone in jail.
Buckeye Melavideo

Buckeye Mela Honors Collegiate Bhangra and Bollywood Teams for the 11th Year

After a successful decade of competitions, Buckeye Mela XI came back with a bang for its eleventh annual show in February 2018.

Unpacking the Definition of ‘A Perfect Guy’

Anonymous – Follow @browngirlmag “The Perfect Guy.” What the hell does that mean? What qualities is this magical man supposed to possess? Is he supposed to please everyone he comes into contact with? Sure,...
sexual abuse

5 lessons I Learned From Surviving Trauma

by Anonymous - Follow @browngirlmag During December 2014, I was diagnosed with major depression. That month every year my doctor asks me if I’m ready to come off the medication. It’s the month...

The Stigma of Secrets: How my Hidden Miscarriage Affected my Mental Health

by Anonymous - Follow @browngirlmag I waited too long to write this story. Allow me to introduce myself. First-generation South Asian Muslim, daughter of two hard-working parents who just wanted to provide the...
donald trump

Post-Aziz Ansari: The Need to Broaden Our Understanding of Sexual Assault

by Sylvia Abdullah - Follow @browngirlmag The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the contributors at Brown Girl Magazine but do not necessarily reflect the official policy or...

Life After Grace: ‘Times Up’ is Just the Beginning of Our Conversation Around Sexual...

by Sharanya Paulraj - Follow @browngirlmag The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the publication....

Dear Aunty and Uncle, Say Goodbye to the Stigma Before it Kills You

A lot of work is being done to destigmatize mental health, addictions, and the recovery process in the mainstream, and yet - it persists. When you’re a young woman of the South Asian diaspora, the stigma can have additional layers.
Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein Allegations’ Unveil the Real ‘Magnitude of the Problem’

With the allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape against Harvey Weinstein, we have a few things to say to those in power who abuse women

A Letter to my Best Friend Who Died by Suicide

And, it’s worse suffering from a mental illness like depression, if you're a man. After all, men must not cry. They must not complain.

A Photo Series Displaying Diversity Among Modern Muslim Women in the U.K. and U.S.

"As an American Muslim artist I have to be honest it has been hard at times to carve a space out for my music. My sound has changed over the years."

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