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7 Simple Ways to Raise a Confident Child

Raising confident children is an art that goes against the parental instinct of fixing every problem that our children face.
Desi Cooking Made Simpler

3 Desi Cooking Recipes Made Simple for the South Asian Supermom

Are you a supermom looking to save time and energy in the cooking department? Then this is just for you with a few recipes that make desi cooking simpler! Moms are able to multi-manage bath time, bedtime, laundry, cooking,

Sanskriti Box: A Celebration of Our Culture, Holidays and History All-in-One

Education and the celebration of our culture are important to South Asians all over the world. We want to teach our children about our language, history, traditions, food and holidays alike. But a challenge, in particular, that South Asian parents living abroad tend to face, is the convenience in enriching our children’s minds with that knowledge and culture.
indian government

Indian Government Requires Cell Phones to Have a Panic Button, But What Does This...

An Indian government mandate, effective January of 2017, will require that all cell phones sold in India be equipped with a panic button.
south asian parent

How I Found the Strength to Cope With the Loss of my South Asian...

The loss of a South Asian parent is one of life's greatest heartbreaks. Many of you who are reading this have or had parents who left their homeland to provide a better life for you or the "future" they planned to have.

Celebrate Holi With a Festive Roots Arts & Crafts Project For The Whole Family

For South Asian parents living in the U.S., we can easily find everything related to Christmas or Halloween, but what about holidays like Holi and Diwali?
Sri Srinivasan

Indian-American Judge Sri Srinivasan Could Replace Late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Sri Srinivasan—an Indian native and Justice Department litigator, confirmed to the nation's second-highest court—is being viewed a top contender as the Supreme Court nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Meet the Sensational Sikh Spoken Word Artist Who Slammed it on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’

Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa uttered the words: "I'm not the one that's a freak, I'm fully Sikh" in a spoken word performance on the reality show "Australia’s Got Talent."

Women in India Finally Have Legal Right to Be Head of Their Households

Yes, you heard it right. India continues to make progress in the way of women’s rights.

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