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Designer Amy Devan Talks About NAVEDA, Fashion, and the City that Never Sleeps

Amy Devan is a woman of power, someone who dared to live her “not-so-realistic dream” and women around the world sure do have a boatload to learn from her choices in life and fashion.

The Bibhu Mohapatra Woman: New York Fashion Week’s Dreamy Samurai

New York Fashion Week introduced the world to a lady who is complicated, intensely focused, yet collected in thought and disposition—everyone met the Bibhu Mohapatra woman!
Amy Devan

How One Jewelry Brand is Determined to Bring the Jewels of our Motherland Across...

The following post is brought to you by — a jewelry brand based in Canada customizing accessories for your special day and beyond. Founded by Malinda and her high school...

#PowerofPatni — The Story of Two Indian-American Wives Pursuing Independence With Their Soulmates

Since the beginning of time, becoming a wife is seen as one of the most revered accomplishments for a South Asian woman. No matter how accomplished she is in her career or...

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide That Will Serve you Well Year Round

Spoiling your mama this Mother's Day should be a priority, so we're making it easier by giving you all the gift ideas.

The 5 Most Talked About Trends from New York Fashion Week — But Will...

Each season, we look to designer runways for what to expect. Let’s face it — some trends stick, while some simply give us something to talk about! Fashion Week is the prime opportunity for designers (South Asian and otherwise) to push the envelope and present innovative, artful concepts.

Escape Valentine’s Day Blues With Your Favorite Galentines — Win a *Free #GNO from Dil...

Did you know that almost 50 percent of proposals happen on Valentine’s Day? GET US OUTTA HERE. Even if you’re 100 percent happy being single and doing you this year, chances are you might get hit with a case of the #ValentinesDayBlues—because this holiday has a way of majorly bumming all single people out.
Indian Jewelry

How One Woman Turned Her Love for Regal Indian Jewelry Into an Award-Winning Business

Mona Bangalore, a jewelry designer and the owner of Mi Amor Jewelry, takes great pride in her growing line of Indian-Western jewelry that goes well beyond the traditional expectations of kundan nestled in gold plates.

Sisters, Neelofar and Alisha Keshavjee, Grow their Passion for Fashion into ‘The Kayes’

"We hadn’t seen many brown girls with a boutique that represents a laid back, causal, Texan style. We want to be able to reach these girls and also show them that you don’t have to be a certain image to wear the latest trends!"

55 Experts Reveal Their Best Indian Weddings Tips for South Asian Brides

These 55 Indian wedding tips are everything you need to plan the perfect nuptials.

My Style: A Coveted Form of Inspiration

I strongly feel that style has multiple meanings and functionalities. It’s not a definition, but a reflection of me that evolves constantly, and weathers as I mature and continue to identify with myself.

Edgy, Bold, and Confident: My Fashion and Personal Brand

Growing up as an Indian-American, I had to forge my own identity, one that combined the rich culture, values and traditions of my roots with the free-spirit and ambition of the country I call home. In doing so, I also forged a distinct personal style, and fashion, that strongly reflects the beautiful clash of cultures that composes my hyphenated identity: East Meets West.

Dhotis, Jasmine, and Bling: South Indian Fashion Staples

Dhotis (mundu) are a huge staple of South Indian attire. For a long time, dhotis were predominately worn by men but it has finally become a part of female fashion as well.

Style Diaries: A Fine Balance Between the Indian and the New Yorker

My fashion has certainly evolved over the years. In college, ripped jeans and cute little tops were my go to options. But that quickly changed when I began my 9 to 5 corporate job and my wardrobe transitioned from "college girl" to business casual; my walk-in closet was now lined with button up blouses, knee-length pencil skirts, and several navy blue and khaki slacks.

How to Exude Culture, Feminism, and a Unique Sense of Style

I consider my style to be feminine with a mix of tomboy-meets-street. Expressing my artistry, and balancing it out with a neutral semi-femme style, is how I best describe my fashion.

Here’s Everything you Missed at Karuna Chani’s Makeup Masterclass

Brown Girl Magazine partnered with internationally recognized makeup artist Karuna Chani of KC-Makeup for the second installment of her masterclass series, #KCMakeupFab4Fall.

4 Transitional Style Must-Haves for Every South Asian Fashionista

Whether you are a guest or a host, the issue of what to wear between seasons can be a challenge. Here, we discuss four must-have staple items for your South Asian wardrobe.
South Asian Wedding

What to Wear (and Expect) at the Next Big Fat South Asian Wedding

We explore what to wear for these occasions, how to be innovative with your existing wedding-guest wardrobe, and what to expect at the next big fat South Asian wedding!

NYC SAFF: From East to West, 22 of the Best Subcontinent and Diaspora Films...

Presented by Toyota, the Big Apple welcomed its newest South Asian film festival, New York City South Asian Film Festival (NYC SAFF). Founded by veteran festival director Jitin Hingorani, the festival's mission is to showcase premieres of features, documentaries and short films curated to engage, educate and inspire the masses, ranging from Baby Boomers to Generation Z.

Say Your Name, Your Real Name: my Back-to-School Advice for Roll Call

Because conforming is typically the easier and sometimes safer path to take. Anjali becomes Aanjali, Ramya becomes Rumya, and Revati turns into Revethi, Ravathi, Reveethi, Raven, and the occasional Rachel. I don’t blame anyone for going this route, as it is a pain to keep correcting people and some have even been teased for the actual pronunciations of their names. What I do worry about is what we are losing as a community every time we allow another name to go butchered by our friends, teachers, and bosses. 

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