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Kadra Mohamed

Kadra Mohamed: The First Hijabi Police Officer on Duty in St. Paul

Kadra Mohamed, a Somali-American cop in St. Paul, Minn., is the first to wear a hijab while on duty. Her hijab is specially designed for police work, with a row of buttons that can come undone if the head wrap is used as a strangling weapon against her in a combat situation.
Lilly Singh

An Open Letter to Lilly Singh

South Asian society can be rife with stereotypes, misunderstanding, and judgment of gender, sexuality, and the spectrums on which they exist. Lilly Singh, who gained fame through her Youtube comedy sketches playing fictional versions of her parents has since become a well-know film and television personality as well as an author. Singh is a major figure of representation for brown women and girls and now the LGBTQIAP community within.

SAIFF 2017: ‘Brij Mohan’ — The Story of a Man Convicted for his own...

Brij Mohan aka the “bra-panty guy” is an undergarment storeowner in a flea market in Delhi. He is sick and tired of his daily drill of selling bras and panties and then going back home to a nagging wife and a paralyzed grandfather.

Celebrating Diwali with Dignity—The Desai Way

Since its inception in 1997, the Desai Foundation has continuously strived to fulfill its mission – to empower women and children to dream beyond their circumstances and live a better life.

DJ Rekha’s Basement Bhangra SummerStage – The Final Burrrrraaah!

Basement Bhangra—the longest continuously running monthly party in NY nightlife—was curated by DJ Rekha

India Independence Day Takes a Funny Twist With Four ABCD Comedians

Four ambitious Indian-Americans with some serious television cred decided to stir up this mundane Independence Day celebration routine

5 Not-So-Obvious Reasons for Traveling Solo

This is an account of 5 major serendipities I experienced when traveling solo.

I Saw my Friend’s Husband on Tinder. But is he Really Cheating?

by Aditi Paul - Follow @Browngirlmag  December 29, 2016—I was on my way to JFK excited AF to go back home for the holidays! But the never-ending traffic in Manhattan and the...

‘Kaabil’: Entertaining, at the Cost of Popularizing a Problematic Rape Culture

"Kaabil" is best described as a revenge thriller. It is the story of two visually impaired — and extremely gorgeous — human beings who fall in love with each other at first sight, no pun intended.
right guy

I Left Swiped the ‘Right Guy’ But I Have No Regrets

Not too long ago, I received dating advice from a woman who had quite a successful marital life. She said, “Aditi, you should write down 100 things you want in your man.” For her, finding the right guy shouldn't be left to wishful thinking. It should be a committed and systematic process.

5 Travel Tips for the Wanderlust Brown Girl

I know there are thousands of Brown Girls out there who are entirely consumed by wanderlust! And who wouldn't be, right?

Hindus and Muslims Come Together Through ‘A Muslim in the Midst’

by Aditi Paul - Follow @Browngirlmag  Three days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, a poor Muslim couple accosts an affluent Hindu couple to request a ride. "A Muslim in...

The Desai Diwali: Shining a Light on Lives that Matter

The Desai Foundation, founded in 1997, is an organization dedicated to empowering women and children in rural India with the right resources that elevate the livelihood of this otherwise underprivileged population.

Why Shashi Kapoor’s Biography is a Must-Read for the Bollywood Lover

Here’s a little Bollywood trivia for you. Can you name Bollywood’s first ever crossover artist? Hint:The answer might surprise you!

Five Ways Singapore is Better Than New York City

When you get to experience a city as LARGER THAN LIFE as New York on the daily, you start breeding this air of extreme condescension toward all other cities in the world. Like, “What can you show me that I have not seen already, boy?” kind of attitude.

‘The Queen’: A Forgotten Story of a Rajput Leader’s Betrayal

by Aditi Paul Written by Aditya Rawal and directed by Gwynn MacDonald, "The Queen" is an episode in the life of Durga, a Rajput queen in the Mughal era, who has been...

3 Trendy Mehendi Designs Every Bride Needs to Try This Wedding Season

Brides-to-be have some tough decisions to make, the mehendi design shouldn't be one of them! Here are some trending patterns every bride can check out and take some inspiration from!

Meet Nikki Chawla: A Former Kindergarten Teacher Turned Stand-Up Comic and Actress Making Waves...

Nikka Chawla is a former Kindergarten teacher with two masters degrees, turned stand-up comic and actress even though her family thinks she's crazy!

Confronting White Supremacy in Christianity as a Christian South Asian

“Oh, really? I didn’t expect that…” a puzzled reaction plenty of people have had after realizing that I’m a Christian. I can’t say that I blame them, given that even today I don’t necessarily fit the standard ideal of what a Christian looks like on the outside.

Meet Tricia and Stephanie: The Modern Day Interracial, Queer Married Couple

On the last day of Pride month, we talk to Tricia Prettypaul and her wife Stephanie Alvarado about love, family life and politics.

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