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Our favorite new mama to join the parenting club is none other than Palak Patel aka @thechutneylife — giving us all sorts of food cravings daily. No delicious recipe here but lots of bling — courtesy of our friends from the motherland Aurus Jewels — a contemporary fine jewelry brand that offers the highest standard of craftsmanship, use of the finest quality of jewels and founding philosophy of ethical standards

We recently had the opportunity to speak to the brainchild of the brand Puja Shah about her start in the world of bespoke jewelry and how it ties to her roots in India and its history. An avid art lover and frequent museum-goer, Puja studied biochemistry, however, she discovered her creative side in New York, while she was pursuing a Master’s in Genetics at the New York University (NYU). On a mission to see her passion through, she gave up her NYU program to pursue jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York’s premier design school, which would give birth to Aurus Jewels in 2003.


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How did you get into the world of jewelry making from biochemistry?

With my deep-rooted interest in art and history, I just felt a connection with the jewelry as a medium – and I saw it a form of art that I could explore and I went for it!

What makes the shopping expedite with Aurus unique?

At Aurus, we really strive to make the experience of buying jewelry personal — we connect one-on-one with every client, and understand their specifications and the look they are visualising and then work towards that.

What inspiration do you draw from Indian history and culture?

Indian heritage jewelry techniques and styling is something I find has lost its way in the modern world. The context of jewelry and how and when it was worn, by whom and its significance are matters than really excite me and I try in my own way to bring these stories out through Aurus. Recently we’ve been exploring the original Hyderabadi techniques of jewelry making and also a technique called pachchikaam.


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Your knowledge of jewelry making and history is vast, how do you bring it back to Aurus?

I am still taking up short online courses when I can to expand my knowledge of art and jewelry history, Aurus is my medium to explore what I learn.

Share the biggest up and down with Aurus. 

Our biggest up is that we get to engage with a community of amazing people and a slight let down is that we face a challenge of not having a load of ready stock, which a lot of clients are used to, when buying fine jewelry, even at this day and age.

Tell us about your favorite piece or collection. 

I really enjoy going through the whole process of ideation and creating a piece of jewelry because it is much more than just the sum of raw materials to me, it is art, design and the culmination of all I have learnt so far.

As we celebrate Navratri, Durga Puja, Karva Chauth and Diwali with loads of back-to-back winter weddings there’s no better time to shop for jewels than now. Give the founder of @aurus.jewels @pujashah.aurus your vision to see magic happen.