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Poem: ‘I Called To You’

2 min read

by Farhat Desai

in sacred spaces.
i called to You.
in lonely spaces.
i called to You.

in classrooms full of giants.
i called to You.
surrounded with books.
i called to You.

there is no other book that can satiate my learning like the way Your words do.

You made me.
and when the world embraced me.
it is You that made me shine.

and when the world disposed of me.
You listened to every woe of me.
and my life is what You redefined.

You protect me.
keep me safe in Your arms.
You let me cry it out.
You hear my every call. even when i shout.

You shield me from those that misunderstand me.
that malign my name.
that take my immaculate love for them.
and make it into a game.

and even better the struggles that I faced.
blossomed me into a woman.
to You I am grateful for this flourishing.
grateful that these struggles gave me substance.
these struggles gave me beauty.
but most of all.
You nourished me.

You nourished me.
You gave me a beating heart that feels.
how unreal.
that in a world that does not love anymore.
You gave ME the privilege to feel.

and with every break.
my heart increased in value.
my heart is finally awake.

to You.

You are my best friend.
to You belong the world’s most beautiful names.

the Most Compassionate.
the Most Merciful.
and the King.

Farhat Desai has a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from Saint Mary’s College.She has professional experience in finance, hotel management and inventory management. She loves singing, writing, and her nieces.