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by Nisha Vedi Pawar

Looking to add some mirch masala to your dishes this Thanksgiving? From make-ahead appetizers, tandoori turkeys, modern mithais to spiced cocktails, there’s a little something for every desi this holiday season!

With that said, we present to you a web-inspired, South Asian Thanksgiving Dinner Menu and there’s nothing stopping it from being exclusive to your guests! These dishes will have you itching to host an epic Thanksgiving dinner party again and again—I promise!

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Vegetable Masala Puffs

thanksgiving dinner

Keep your sanity and make these ahead of time. Make extra for a post-holiday tea time snack.

Chicken Tikka Box Patties

thanksgiving dinner

Have your guests snack on these crunchy bites before the main course.

Indian Style Stuffed Mushrooms

thanksgiving dinner

These little showstoppers are sure to impress the in-laws.


Tandoori Turkey

thanksgiving dinner

The bird that will win all the hearts. Spice up your turkey with this marinade.

Spicy Whole Roasted Cauliflower

thanksgiving dinner

Please your vegetarians with this beautiful masala rubbed cauliflower.

Indian Style Roast Chicken

thanksgiving dinner

Serving a smaller crowd? This roast chicken is a great alternative to turkey.


Indian Spiced Roast Potatoes

thanksgiving dinner

Roast potatoes get a desi twist.

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Sprouted Moong Salad

thanksgiving dinner

A great make-ahead dish that’s healthy and vegetarian.

Roasted Vegetable Masala

thanksgiving dinner

Spice up those vegetables and serve them roasted with masala.


Brown Butter Cake with Saffron

thanksgiving dinner

Indulge in the holidays with this cake made with brown butter and saffron.

Cardamom Custard

thanksgiving dinner

Make these sweet treats ahead of time in individual shooters.

Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun

thanksgiving dinner

Who can say no to gulab jamun? Give this traditional mithai a Thanksgiving twist.


Plum and Fennel Fizzy Lemonade

thanksgiving dinner

Who said cocktails had to be boring? Try this bubbling treat.

Ginger Cardamom Cocktail

thanksgiving dinner

Get into the holiday spirit with this cardamom cocktail.

Masala Nimbu Soda

thanksgiving dinner

The humble nimbu soda gets a kick in this sweet and spicy version.

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Happy holidays, friends! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving with your family.


Nisha is the founder and editor of Love Laugh Mirch, an Indian inspired lifestyle site where she shares her take on traditional recipes, approachable DIY’s, culture stories and motherhood moments. Her favorites include Bollywood movies (the sappier the better), recipes that are passed down through generations, mango season and a hot cup of kadak chai. You can often find her on Instagram @lovelaughmirch cooking dinner while having a dance party with her little one.