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Poem: ‘Depression is The Friend You Never Wanted’

2 min read

by Sara Bawany Instagram

depression is that friend you never wanted, it’s that feeling you’re being haunted. you tell yourself to snap out of it but the prospect of smiling again is daunting. it’s a boulder in your gut that inspires self-hatred and it’s taunting you. it eats away at your liver every time you try to recover and tears form in the corners of your eyes because things haven’t been alright for a while. the prospect of eating is absurd; of cleaning or showering: it’s unheard of. it’s a virus, it’s a disease, you don’t know what but you want it gone. carve deep cuts into your chest begging your soul to rid itself of the unwanted guest, catatonia takes its place and eventually, there is nothing left. it’s a pit of endless gloom, and your heart it will consume, tunneling your body for its own room, the companion you never needed with you.

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Sara Bawany is a Dallas-based poet, writer, and occasional spoken word artist with a passion for bringing to light some of the most taboo issues in the South Asian community. A recent graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Sara just received her master’s degree in social work. She hopes to work with domestic violence victims and help them find their voices again, just like she has through writing. When Sara isn’t writing, she enjoys baking, taking pictures, eating lots of Nutella, and cuddling with her pet rabbit. She plans to publish her first poetry book soon and you can find more of her writings on her poetry Instagram and Facebook.