Meet Your New Personal Stylist: ‘Dress For The Day’

by Arpita Mehta

Brainchild of fashionable entrepreneurs, Shradha Mehta Bhansali and Anisha Bhasin, this tech-savvy online fashion calculator is on its way to reinventing the way women dress and shop.

Dress For The Day is your personal stylist. Without any fees or mandatory sign ups, this website is all about you. With the ultimate personalization options, you are able to select from over 50 occasions that range from themed parties to hiking trips to find the perfect outfit for you. The ladies behind Dress For The Day even made sure to include diverse style options, so all dressing styles from contemporary to edgy were included.

Their formula is simple, choose your occasion + your style = personalized outfit. What you do next is up to you, Dress For The Day offers the option to purchase the items or just use the outfit for inspiration. It is truly a one-stop destination for research, fashion help, and the place to look for steals and deals.


BG spoke to the creative minds behind this fast-growing fashion phenomenon and we loved their enthusiasm for making the lives of today’s women easier and fashionable:

Every start-up has a story. What’s yours?

We first met through a common friend in 2003, a decade ago. As our worlds at NYU and Parsons co-existed in downtown Manhattan we soon came to realize our personalities, interest, and friends meshed seamlessly together. Fast-forwarding a few years, we met up in early September and found ourselves getting slightly chilly as the sun set and temperature started to drop as we sat in an outdoor café. That conversation soon turned into what to wear for our weekend plans and became the official conception of Dress For The Day. It wasn’t until January of 2012 we thought New Year, New York, new resolutions, new dreams – and took the leap.

How do you see #DFTD becoming a part of a modern day women’s lifestyle?

Every woman likes to express her personal style and feel invincible for the day ahead. This is the perfect device to use whether you’re one to help those around you or one to take in the fashion advice. Dress For The Day lets you self-discover, search, purchase, recommend, and share your favorite looks and pieces. It’s what we like to call “The Ultimate Fashion Calculator.” Crunch in those numbers women, you’ll love the results!

ret0433_01We don’t hear of too many South Asian female entrepreneurs. What pressures do two young professionals, who are also entrepreneurs, face?

We can say our lives are stressful, we work long hours, we work weekends, we can’t attend every social soiree (South Asians have a lot of events!) but the truth is we’re actually thrilled! There’s nothing as exciting as watching something you’ve formulated from an idea take off. When it comes to balancing the pressures obviously we catch ourselves overwhelmed, and border line psycho at times – but hey, at least we know we have a great outfit to perfectly fit for the occasion while these moments take place.

What advice do you have for girls like you who have startup dreams but are scared of failure?

Talk to people outside your normal circles; take a course on something you never thought you could succeed in. The more you find yourself trying new things the less intimidating failure is and your dreams have a real shot at becoming your reality. It’s also crucial to challenge yourself when it comes to learning about different industries and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Something every girl should have in her closet?

This is a really tough question – it would have to be a pair of nude patent pumps. They have tonal glimmer, understated aura and literally go with everything!

Fall fashion tips?

Must have colors are mustard, indigo, gold, dusty rose, and ox-blood. Accessories make a HUGE comeback so don’t be afraid to style your outfits.

What accessories go best when dressing up in traditional wear?

We are suckers for statement jewelry. There are so many options available today with mixed materials, colors, beads, ethnic and classic combinations. Don’t be afraid of pairing contrasting colors, textures, and prints together when it comes to traditional wear.

So the next time you are stressing about what to wear to your best friend’s 90s themed bridal shower, Dress For The Day has you covered for that and so much more!