by Hera Ashraf – University of Southern Indiana

On September 11, 2012, an American ambassador, Christopher Stevens, along with three other Americans were killed in Libya at the US Embassy.

I, a Muslim American, condemn this action and do think that those responsible for committing this crime should be punished.

Many are saying the reason this crime was committed was because it was an act of protest against an anti-Islam movie made here in the US. I’m not going to go into the details of what the movie is about or what it’s called because I don’t want to bring attention to it. I don’t think it’s appropriate to make any sort of movie or documentary that insults any religion.

We Americans are quick to blame to others for actions committed against us. We are quick to blame anyone and anything beside ourselves. I’ll admit, I have an ego about being American. I think this country is amazing and I honestly wouldn’t ever want to live anywhere else.

However, sometimes we need to realize that not everyone loves us like we love ourselves. We might think that we’re doing the world good by getting into everyone else’s business, but others may see us as intruders instead. We might think that our intentions are good, but others may see us as selfish.

What we have to understand is that we need to make sure we know all sides of the story before we start blaming other people. And instead of spending all our time arguing with classmates and coworkers and creating our own conspiracy theories, we should be spending this time remembering the innocent people who lost their lives.

I can tell you for a fact that there is not one religion in this world in which it is okay to take the lives of innocent people.

So turn off the Fox news, the CNN, the MSNBC, and let’s pray for those who lost their lives and their families.

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