Queering Desi, Episode 15: The Fluidity of Gender with Durga Gawde

This week, Priya chats with Durga Gawde, a genderfluid artist and activist based in India.
Food For Thought

‘Meat Came Between Me and My Man’ — U.K. Female Artists Share Food For...

"Everyone has a story about food or a memory related to food. It’s a subject that is as universal as it gets, but also as individual as it gets." Anjali Mya Chadha presents "Food For Thought" - a combination of four solo performances, each of whom gave a monologue interweaving the theme of food with empowerment.

Talking Growing Pains with Model, Influencer, and Coach Onkar Singh Dhindsa

I came across NYC based model and physique trainer, Onkar Singh Dhindsa’s profile via a mutual friend. Onkar posts daily motivational captions about growth and vulnerability and is all set to release his first self-published book, Growing Pains, on June 20th. As the self-proclaimed South Asian influencer journalist, I am, I had to know more.

The Long Standing History of Ahmadi and Shia Apartheid in Pakistan

In the latest of mob attacks on minority Muslim sects in Pakistan, Sunni extremists demolished a historic mosque belonging to Ahmadis in the city of Sialkot, furthering the long-standing persecution and genocide of religious minorities in Pakistan, namely Shias and Ahmadis.

Dear Dad: A Father’s Day Tribute From Brown Girls Everywhere

The following letters are written by Brown Girl contributors in honor of Father's Day.  Dearest Dad, You are my hero. Since I was a little girl, I've looked up to you. I've learned...

My Father’s Strength to Let me go Was the Greatest Gift of All

Today, I work towards raising awareness on the issue of gender inequality, I look towards solutions that can end all forms of gender violence, I think of peaceful intervention. I think of generosity. I think of my father.

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When you think back to a signature dish at home, what is it? For me, one of those dishes is my dad’s Tandoori Chicken. In our house, we had two head chefs growing up, my mom and my dad....
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