prachi gupta

A Brown Girl Manifests her Power: Prachi Gupta, Destroyer of Darkness

I sat down with Prachi Gupta to see what was hiding behind her choli. Well, not like that. South Asian female writers everywhere are hiding in fear of embracing their artistic interests — secretly — seeing them as more than hobbies.
Brown Thanksgiving

Why I am Thankful to Celebrate a Brown Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was always a weird time for me. As a kid, it was hard for me to explain the difference between Native Americans and East Indians to my classmates who hadn’t really interacted with an Indian kid before.

Here’s a South Asian Inspired Holiday Dinner Menu that will Wow Your Guests

Looking to add some mirch masala to your dishes this holiday season? Try this South Asian inspired Thanksgiving dinner menu with your guests. We promise it'll be a hit!

Bindhis and Jhumkis: Customize Memojis in Apple’s Latest Update

We’ve all seen avatar builders that allow you to change skin tone, eye color, and hairstyle. Now, Apple allows Memojis to have bindhis and jhumkis.
Indian indentured ancestors

How ‘The Humming-Bird Tree’ Connected me to my Ancestors

So there I was, January of 2017, in my studio apartment which overlooked the main street of Cortland, NY. I was once again frustrated by the limited information I had about my ancestors and longed to be connected to my culture. It was that night, thousands of miles away from my parents' home and the home of my ancestors, when I came across “The Humming-bird Tree”.

Colorism in Bollywood and Hollywood

Living as an Indian-American, I have experienced both cultures in-depth throughout my life. Because I live on this bridge between two cultures, I have noticed a number of differences and similarities between them. One similarity that has recently jumped out at me is the prominence of colorism.

Ladki Power

This season is all about giving, so give the present of wellness and good health, and take some inspiration from these holiday gifts! Happy gifting!
I present to you my Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry Aioli & Kale Chips! I love Thanksgiving Day recipes, but the day after is where it’s at! Every year, we end up with an overloaded fridge full of your...
In the age of sustainability, it's time to bring forward the negative effects of fast fashion and the impact it's having on the planet. Hasan Minhaj talks at lengths about this form of shopping and ways in which we can implement changes for the betterment of the Earth, in "Patriot Act."
There's something about the holidays that makes giving so special. But, buying presents can also get expensive! Keeping in mind that you probably have to give more than one gift, we're giving you a list of 8 cheap Christmas gifts that won't break the bank!
In a mere five months, MeeraMeera has already partnered with local jewelry designers and event planners, styled dozens of women (whom she affectionately refers to as “M|M girls”) and has even been featured on local television networks such as CP24. 


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