Caste-Shaming by Students in the Paying Guest Houses of South Delhi

I decided to stay in an affluent area of South Delhi, which, despite the expenses, my parents felt it necessary for my safety and security. Little did they, or I for that matter, know that my mental safety and security would be at stake.
Nazranaa Diariesvideo

Take a Peak at Nazranaa Diaries, the Bridal Boutique Brought to Reality TV

When my best friend, Pooja, asked me to go bridal shopping with her, she told me she wanted a place that was trendy, affordable, and quick. In a moment of serendipity, I connected with Shashank, co-founder of Nazranaa, a boutique which caters to millennial brides and designs bridal fashion. Their beautifully curated Instagram account got us in the door, but it was Nazranaas’s excellent customer service that sealed the deal. Four hours, four outfits and a very happy bride later, I had Nazranaa’s conception story down pat.

To all my Brown Sisters out There: You are the Whole Damn Rainbow

I hope you see how beautiful you truly are, regardless of what desi society says or believes. We are each a movement by ourselves, but we are a force when we’re together. Let’s lift each other up, as women and as a sisterhood.

Enough is Enough: BGM Responds to Colorism & Blackface Problem in ‘Kala Shah Kala’

India and its numerous movie industries are consistent, problematic proponents of the colorism and the notion that dark is not beautiful, that someone who is dark cannot be attractive and easily find love.
Sera Ulger

An Open Letter to U.K. Designer Sera Ulger: Goddess Durga Resides in our Hearts,...

London designer Sera Ulger's decision to print a female Hindu deity, Goddess Durga, on a swimsuit has been at the centre of global debate amongst Hindus.

From Chants to Championships: Should There be a Competitive Yoga League?

In the 1980s, revered Indian Hindu monk Swami Vivekananda brought this practice across the West. The world took notice and opened up to this form of therapeutic exercise.

Ladki Power

The Wolfe London Ltd, a luxury streetwear brand, created by British Asian siblings Jenika and Shanil Gudka, will be showcasing at London Fashion Week 2019.
This post was originally posted on Zheelicious and reposted here with permission. First and foremost, I want to say how excited I am to finally be posting my first dessert recipe on BG. I wanted to start off on a sweet...
You don't always need a special someone on Valentine's Day. Spend the occasion showing yourself some love and getting to enjoy your own company.
Ready to add some desi flair to the upcoming wedding season? Here's a makeup look that'll have you ready to take on any sangeet, mehendi, and reception!
Societal pressures have deemed the beginning of our calendar year as the time to “fix” ourselves. So what does that mean for the most vulnerable generation of women to date? New Year's resolutions that we just can't meet.


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