Independence Day Coconut Laddus: A Hyphenated Celebration

Independence Day Coconut Laddus: A Hyphenated Celebration

I can’t remember where I read this quote, but it read something like this: “I can wear a nice suit, but I can’t take off my skin.” This was my sentiment...

‘Burkas Will ban Bacon’: U.K. Channel 4’s TV Show ‘Great British School Swap’ Reveals...

U.K. Channel 4's "Great British School Swap" mixes school children from opposite cultural backgrounds and reveals a disturbing level of racial stereotyping.
Raksha Bandhan: Where to get Rakhis in the USA

Raksha Bandhan: Where to get Rakhis in the USA

Raksha Bandhan (also known as Rakhi/Rakhri) is the Hindu festival that celebrates the love and loyalty between siblings. Historically a brother and sister only holiday, Rakhi has evolved to a sibling...
Shriya Bhattacharya

‘What Do You Want From Me?’: The Toxic Brown Comparison Culture

There are too many of us who, from a young age, are taught to be more like others, to always come out on top, to compete. We’re told to be more like the girl next door or the cousin we’ve never met, creating feelings of self-loathing and jealousy.
indian housewives

Behind the Ghoonghats of ‘Happily’ Married Indian Housewives

It’s been nearly 9 years and it is just now that I have come to learn about a whole new world of Married Indian Lesbian Housewives.

On Hair and Self-Love: Embracing My Curls

As I got older, I learned I have a traditional South Indian, and more specifically, a Keralite look. The realization that—physically at least—I fit in with a group of people filled me with indescribable joy.

Ladki Power

I have been thinking about my vitiligo a lot lately. To be honest, I am not sure why. I have been fully white for about eight years now.
Hello friends! Today I’m sharing one of my special fusion recipes with you, Creamy Enchilada Ravioli! If I had to choose between Italian and Mexican, I would probably lose sleep over making this decision… Which is why I LOVE...
Ankita Bhardwaj, the renowned beauty influencer, talks about the importance of South Asian representation, diversity, and inclusivity in an exclusive, and inspirational, interview with Brown Girl Magazine.
Feeling stuck in life is such a common thing. It happens to everyone, at some point in time. What matters is what you do to get out of that rut and make a move. So, here's a list of ideas to help you out when you just feel stuck.
With almost 96,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, Trini Cooking With Natasha, Laggan provides the world a new way to look at West Indian cuisine. 


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