Let’s Talk #JoPra and Why The Stigma Around Age-Gap Relationships Needs To Go

Their whirlwind romance has drawn a lot of positive attention, but there has also been a surprising amount of criticism of their relationship. People keep pointing out that Priyanka is a bit older than Nick. But is the age gap truly a big deal?

What Zayn Malik’s Career Tells us About Islamophobia

A naïve Bradford teen suddenly thrust into the strains of fame, Malik initially wore his religion on his sleeve. He sent out tweets with Eid wishes, discussed Ramadan and proclaimed the Shahadah before the world wide web. These were not political acts - these were the embodiment of an 18 year old British-Muslim boy narrating his life.

‘Witches, Sluts, and Feminists’: Channeling our Inner Witch

With Halloween having just passed a month ago, witch hunts and femininity are still on my mind. In her recent book "Witches, Sluts, and Feminists," Kristen J. Sollee discusses the challenges posed by “misinformation and demonization as consistent threads in the history of women’s sexual and reproductive health.”

Being a First Generation Canadian: Why Sleepovers Were an Absolute No in My House!

Being a first-generation Canadian, there were many experiences I was completely forbidden such as sleepovers! Join the conversation with me.
Hussain Manawer

Poet Hussain Manawer Redefines Masculinity Ahead of Headline Gig at Iconic London Venue

Poet and Activist Hussain Manawer is set to perform at London’s iconic Scala club, promising the audience an emotional experience they will not forget.

The Nexus Initiative: Showcasing Diversity in South Asian Representation

The Nexus Initiative strives to make young South Asian-Americans, specifically those from the Keralan-Christian community, aware that there are professionals exactly like them who aspired beyond the stereotypes, took the risks that everyone advised against, and succeeded.

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