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Stacy Singh’s Death Should Remind Indo-Caribbeans that Domestic Abuse is Real

Stacy Singh, 26, was stabbed multiple times by her husband Vinny Loknath before he hung himself in a nearby park. Her tragic death should be a wake-up call to all Indo-Caribbeans who know of someone suffering from domestic abuse, especially in light of movements like #MeToo -- we should be inspired to speak out.

#BleedingLove: The Bloody Truth About Periods

The following post is a part of the #BleedingLove photo series—a campaign which aims to break the stigma around periods in the South Asian community and around the world. We came...

Poem: Remembering Nirbhaya – Nirbhau Nirvair (Without Fear, Rancor)

Twenty-three-year-old Jyoti Singh Pandey is brutally raped on a private bus by six men and a metal rod, pulling her intestines from inside her. The youngest of them was 16. Ten days later she dies and my country is plunged into darkness.  

The Duality of My Life: Growing Up a Hybrid of American and Dawoodi Bohra

by Mariya Taher - Follow @Mariyataher83 - More than most of us, members of the second generation know that their parents’ ways cannot always be their ways. Nor can they unreflectively...
drawn together

Harleen Singh’s ‘Drawn Together’ Shares How Comic Books Affect Change

In Harleen Singh's documentary “Drawn Together: Comics, Diversity and Stereotypes,” she carefully captures and follows the art of three comic book creators and cartoonists, who are creating change through their visual creations.
settle down

Marriage Isn’t at the top of my Agenda, and That’s OK

I’m somehow at that point in my life where everywhere I turn, I see someone or another getting engaged or married, while I’m completely happy for these people and believe marriage is a wonderful thing, the added pressures of getting married in the Indian community are absolutely INSANE.

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by Palak Patel Ok. Let me start by saying that if you have to pick just ONE recipe to make from this little blog of mine, you want it to be this one. The potato filling inside of this sandwich isn’t technically...
by Dhara Singh - Follow @BrownGirlMag When the recent “cyclone blizzard” hit the east coast two weeks ago, I was casually exploring the cities of Austin and San Antonio in Texas with my friend. Neither one of us had planned our...
Of course, chikki and revdi are the classic must-haves when it comes to Lohri, but it doesn't mean you can't have other sweetmeats to please the palate!
Citrus fruits are best known for their uses in pickles, jams and marmalades—owing to the unique tangy flavours that they possess. However, to say that this all that the citrus fruits have got to offer would be erroneous. It...
by Jasmin Rahman - Follow @jasmin__rahman If you don’t know who Nabela Noor is, please take a second to follow her immediately on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram—you can thank us later! Noor is a Bangladeshi-American beauty blogger from Pennsylvania who...


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