Dear Dadiji, It’s OK to be Single and Happy

When Dadiji thinks it's not possible to be single and happy, take the time out to teach her what it's like to be an independent woman who thinks relationships and marriage don't work like clockwork.

10 Indian New Year Celebrations Happening in Spring you Need to Bookmark

From Vaisakhi in Punjab to Ugadi in parts of South India, and celebrations in all parts of India in between, it seems as though the entire country is celebrating all month long.
How to prepare for Ramadan

How to Prepare for Ramadan: 3 Steps I am Planning to Take This Year

The sacred month of fasting, giving, and connecting is soon upon us. Here's how to prepare for Ramadan to get the best of this month. 

What it Means to Take Back the Word ‘Motto’

Just when you thought that the Punjabi word "motto" meaning "fatty" would haunt you forever, Canadian fashion designer TKC Design Inc. shows you how to own being called "motto"—go ahead, be proud of it.
Mother and Daughter

How two Years in Pakistan Made me Reconsider my Values on Parenting

I’m not sure if it was the "Precious Firstborn Syndrome" or because she was a girl, but it became more important for me to insist upon my daughter speaking Urdu at home, finishing her Quran by age nine and dressing as what I believed was modest and appropriate for a girl with Pakistani roots.

#MeToo: Finding my Voice in the Post-Weinstein Era

After receiving my Ph.D., I went on to launch the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS), which inspires women to take creative and financial control in the post-Weinstein era of Hollywood. The journey to where I am at this stage of my life was not simple.

Ladki Power

When I think about Easter (which is next weekend) a few things come to mind: pastel colored bunnies, Cadbury chocolate eggs, extra-long and extra-packed mass at church, and pesaha appam. Pesaha appam is a bread made without yeast or...
The #ColorMeEmpowered campaign is a concept in which we chose to highlight the many colors of a woman and celebrate all the different qualities she exudes on a day-to-day basis.
Fair lending laws ensure that customers are treated fairly by financial institutions. As banks, credit unions and other financial institutions get more complex, the risks of fair lending increase.
It may not feel like spring outside, spring has DEFINITELY sprung in my kitchen and I couldn’t be happier. This grilled vegetable chimichurri pasta salad screams spring to me. It is just as bright in flavor as it is...
Did you know that there are multiple shades to a South Asian bride? Beyoutiful Beginnings presents 9 real-life women who talk about their journey as wives, empowered females, and everything in between.


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