Gender Non-Conforming

The Internal and External Struggles of Being Gender Nonconforming

Yet for years now, there has been a portion of the population that has not fit within the gender assigned to them at birth. This sector of the population generally falls under the transgender umbrella, but there are multiple identities within this umbrella — from transgender to genderqueer to gender-fluid. Though the emergence of these labels has done so much good for the people who identify with them, somehow society has also managed to adapt faster than a horror movie monster and create definitions of what it means to use one of these labels.

On Career Breaks and Materializing Dreams: How I Came Back to Bharatanatyam as an...

At age six, I wouldn’t have guessed that I’d somehow find my way back to doing adavus and learning a full margam at age 26.
Dear Shanita

Dear Shanita Answers ‘Putting me First’: When you Should hit the Brakes

Dear Putting me first,Before I jump in, I want to congratulate you on your readiness “ to stop putting myself last.” THIS. IS. SO. BIG.
Holi with kids

Holi With Kids: Celebrating the Festival With Your Family

Sharing a small checklist of playing Holi with kids this year making the most of the festival and memories to last a lifetime.

The Death of Holika, What it Signifies and How it Translates to Modern-Day Holi...

While many of us (definitely guilty at Brown Girl Magazine) created new traditions surrounding Holi — now more widely known as the festival that celebrates new beginnings and spring — it...
Lilly Singh

South Asian Culture and its Change in Visibility in the Digital Age

Due to heightened exposure of minority cultures, the Digital Age has propelled acceptance of people, places and things that were once ignored and shamed.

Ladki Power

What is better than playing Holi with colors? Celebrating Holi with three colorful and delightful chaats! I have got delicious and colorful treats for your eyes and tummies this Holi! These little chat bites are just as delicious as...
Happy National Pi Day! What better way to celebrate this delicious holiday than with Homemade Pizza? I like making pizza at home because it’s one of the quickest recipes that can be customized to EVERYONE’S liking. All you need are...
National Celery Month is here! If you’ve been wondering what the #CeleryJuiceChallenge is all about, we’ve got you covered. We break down the celery juice trend, tell you how it all began, and leave you with recipes so you...
Sabyasachi creates a potent and timeless image with his new collection—traditional designs with a modern and whimsical twist.
With fashion week making its way through London and beyond, let’s review the top five runway trends before it left New York. The shows this season were an eclectic compilation for any style vibe, from sensual sophisticate to bold...


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