Who Cares About My Sexuality?

I noticed that a lot of the queer people I knew fell into one of two categories: either they talked about their sexuality often and in-depth, or they were out-and-proud but did not feel their sexuality was anybody’s business.
Mental Health

9 South Asian Misconceptions Standing in the Way of Mental Wellness

While many individuals of South Asian descent hold stereotypes that serve as obstacles in seeking mental health care, some see through these false beliefs and recognize the importance of fostering overall wellness.

JonOne Showcases Indo Caribbean Culture, Creativity While Taking the Road Less Travelled

Jon Madray, known as JonOne, is an Indo-Guyanese native New Yorker making waves in the entertainment industry. Madray spent the past 13 years committing himself to ambitions that have taken him...
Menstrual taboos

On Religion and Menstruation: How Fighting Taboos Starts at Home

In spite of how challenging these conversations may be, they are always worthwhile. And when I am unable to make a dent, I am reminded that it only takes one generation to change attitudes. I am in control of the beliefs I share with my own children. I am responsible for and can shape a different future.

I Froze My Eggs: A Confession Disbanding the Cultural Stigma

I heard the ticking that so many of us women hear when it comes to our biological clock and mother nature telling our bodies time is running out. So at 36, single, and not anywhere close to being in a serious relationship, I decided to freeze my eggs.
Indo-Guyanese American

Embracing my Indo-Guyanese American Identity: What Kind of Brown Girl are You?

I grew up regularly confronting questions like this one about my identity, and as an Indo-Guyanese American, identity can be a complicated subject.

Ladki Power

Color correcting should be no new news to all you beauty buffs! But, just in case you're confused on which colors to use on your brown skin tone, here's a refresher!
Eid has a scent. It is the smell of cooked down milk warmly wafting through the air, the earthy floral quality of saffron, the slightly sweet undertones of verdant pistachios and brighter almonds. Eid morning is usually marked by...
You can have Eat, Pray, Love experiences without ever lifting a longitude or latitude. We are quick to praise a trip taken across the globe but sometimes, we can hardly achieve at home what we seek abroad. Why not live every day as we do while traveling?
Delhi-based fashion designer, Ridhi Mehra, is taking the Indian contemporary fashion scene by storm. She talks to Brown Girl Magazine about her journey in the fast-paced industry and how she made it big in fashion.
Spring/Summer fashion brings all things flowery into the mix. So, what better way to start this series than quick tips and tricks on how to style a floral shirt in three different ways!


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