Celebrate Lohri with These Sweet and Savory Recipes

Celebrate Lohri with These 7 Sweet and Savory Recipes

It goes without saying Lohri is filled with delicious foods, and to celebrate the big day, we're sharing some of our favorites recipes by food bloggers we love and respect. 
Colonial Hangover

Nursing the Colonial Hangover Afflicted on my Brown Body

Over the years, and with each passing day, I aim to unpack the trauma that this has brought me and my peers, and understand where and why such events took place within my narrative and the ancestors before me. 
dating while queer

Dating While Queer: a Guide

Dating while queer may just seem like dating as a person in the LGBTQIAP+ community, but because of preconceived societal “norms,” there is a lot more to it.

‘You’re Pretty for a South Indian Girl’: How Colorism Divides Parts of India

There is an incredibly forceful racist connotation constructed in the South Asian mindset that lighter skin is more attractive and successful in societal aspects, such as professions and relationships. Essentially, it’s associated with wealth and status.

Op-ed: Where Donald Trump’s Impeachment Leaves the State of the Union

Collectively, people of color have had to endure feeling unsure or at unease about who they are allowed to be in America. Trump’s impeachment shows them that he can be taken down and given consequences to his actions.  Impeaching Trump doesn’t fix the problem, but it is a step forward. So we can celebrate an impeachment of a president, but also understand that there is still work to be done.
British Indo-Caribbean

Why the British Indo-Caribbean Community is Facing Cultural Erasure

Why the lack of voice and representation for the British Indo-Caribbean communities in the U.K. could result in its cultural erasure.

Ladki Power

Hello everyone, if you follow me on Instagram you may know that I recently had my second son. We are so very obsessed with our little bundle of joy and while I did enjoy my time recovering and hanging...
This season is all about giving, so give the present of wellness and good health, and take some inspiration from these holiday gifts! Happy gifting!
I present to you my Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry Aioli & Kale Chips! I love Thanksgiving Day recipes, but the day after is where it’s at! Every year, we end up with an overloaded fridge full of your...
In the age of sustainability, it's time to bring forward the negative effects of fast fashion and the impact it's having on the planet. Hasan Minhaj talks at lengths about this form of shopping and ways in which we can implement changes for the betterment of the Earth, in "Patriot Act."
Looking to add some mirch masala to your dishes this holiday season? Try this South Asian inspired Thanksgiving dinner menu with your guests. We promise it'll be a hit!


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