indo caribbean photo series

Photo Series ‘Masala, No Chai’ Visualizes Indo Caribbean Culture

In a time where identity has become more prevalent to all cultural groups, I believe it is important for Indo Caribbeans to understand the role our history and displacement plays to our current existence.

Nine Reasons India’s Decriminalization of Gay Sex Represents a Major Milestone for the LGBTQ...

In September 2018, India captured global attention after it struck down a 157-year-old law that made gay sex illegal. Millions of Indian and LGBTQ activists around the world cheered as they...
Sweeten Diwali Season with Chocolate Samosas

Sweeten Diwali Season with Chocolate Samosas

Samosas are an integral part of any Bengali festive meal. If you're ever visiting a Bengali household, it's a common tradition to first serve samosas as an appetizer. With the festive...
Masala Monologues

‘Masala Monologues’ — Let’s Talk About Sex

"Masala Monologues " gives South Asian women the chance to write within a specific cultural context that is celebratory, discussing sex and sexuality.
South Asian names

Decolonizing the Minds of Indians Starts with Our Names

A name is the primary means of identification after a person’s outward appearance, and when we speak ours aloud, this alone tells the tale of our roots.
Teach gujarati to children

Teach Gujarati to Children in Fun and Creative Ways with Sanskar Teaching

Sharing some great and fun ways to teach Gujarati to children through memory games, stories and some great tips for parents.

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Be it your very first apartment or your 10th, the struggle to settle is real. New spaces obviously demand time and patience on one's part but that's not even the problem here.
After multiple years of entertaining her fans as a singer, Nindy Kaur has now turned entrepreneur, debuting her first-ever lipstick collection.
Get ready to greet your trick-or-treaters with a zombie look that's as gory as ever!
This Halloween, instead of dressing up in the typical costumes you can get at the party store, opt for aspirational looks inspired by some of the most empowering desi women.
With Diwali right around the corner, I couldn’t help but think of a fun dish to share with you guys. You know me, and my love for fusion food… So I’ve been marinating on the idea of paneer dumplings...


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