amit and martin

Amit and Martin: the LGBTQ+ Wedding That Took Over New York City

Growing up, Amit and Martin never imagined having a wedding of their own. Fast forward to last fall, October 2018, when their interracial, interreligious wedding filled the streets of New York City.

Vishaal Reddy’s ‘Insomnia’ Ends with New Insights into the South Asian Experience

The last installments of Vishaal Reddy’s short web series “Insomnia” may be some of the most surprising and enlightening. Episodes five and six mark the final ones for the series and take on the task of explaining how Nikhil ended up where he is and reveal some secrets the audience has been dying to know since episode two (check out our recaps of the previous four episodes!).

What the Academy Class of 2019 Means for South Asian Representation in Film

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced their 2019 members! A congratulations to the South Asian creatives who made the list!
Sikh Coalition

Michigan’s New Education Standards Brings Hope to Sikhs in America

For over a decade, the Sikh Coalition has been leading a campaign that will ensure every public school student in America has the opportunity to accurately learn about Sikhs in their classrooms.
Annetta Seecharran

Annetta Seecharran: Path-Breaker Building South Asian and Indo-Caribbean Community Power

When you think of the words community, power, and action, think Annetta Seecharran. She is the executive director of Chhaya, a community development corporation in Queens, New York working to build the power, housing stability, and economic well-being of South Asian and Indo-Caribbean Americans. 

How Beyonce’s Homecoming Challenged me to Reflect on my Truth

“Tell the truth, to yourself first, then to the children…” When I first heard this Maya Angelou quote in Homecoming, the new Beyonce Netflix documentary, I was immediately struck by its poignancy. Angelou’s advice leaves the listener with a question: what is the truth? What truth is she referring to?

Ladki Power

Easy to assemble, healthy and filling, these Mediterranean Pita Pizzas are a great light and easy summer lunch or dinner option. When it comes to summer meals I am all about quick and easy. Between classes, pools days, park visits and...
If you're tired of unwanted hair all over your body, then you're probably considering laser hair removal. So, here are 9 truths to know about the treatment process!
The biggest BBQ day is around the corner (aka July 4th!) and I have just the dish for you, Chimichurri Potato Salad!
As everyone gears up to dance and dine this marriage season, here's a quick rundown on what to expect the next time you're invited to a big fat Gujarati wedding.
Dear Shanita, I'm the friend everyone always comes to - the one that listens and gives love freely, but I have a really hard time asking for help.


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