Defining American

Paving the Way: Raji Brar Defines What it Means to be an American

Raji’s story resonates because her life carries moments and themes that I have experienced through my 20s—balancing traditional expectations amidst a strong desire to fit in
mental health indo caribbean community

3 Indo-Caribbean Mental Health Counselors Talk About Community’s Stigma

The Indo-Caribbean community has higher than average rates for suicide, alcoholism and domestic violence, which is more than likely because of the prejudice our community has placed on mental health and mental illness.
Indian-American Writer

Reconciling my Culture and my Calling: Being an Indian-American Writer

For a long time, I didn’t realize how important representation was. The closest thing I had to see myself in a story was the Patil twins in Harry Potter. But I was happy to keep reading The Hunger Games and watching Wizards of Waverly Place. These were American stories, and I was American. I could relate enough to how the characters felt.  And then I started writing my own stories.
Mixed Feelings Avan Jogia Main Image

Avan Jogia Talks ‘Mixed Feelings’ & Accepting Identity without Labels

Avan Jogia, known for his roles on "Victorious", "Twisted," and "Now Apocalypse," reveals another side to his creativity with his new book, "Mixed Feelings."
brown captain von trapp

A Brown Captain von Trapp is a TV Moment I Never Knew I Needed

Yes, representation in the media matters. We have come a long way from being pigeon-holed into heavily accented terrorists, Apu, or fetishized roles but we have quite a distance to go. What we do with this representation matters so much.
Neeta Bhushan

How Dr. Neeta Bhushan Left Dentistry to Revolutionize Global Leadership

Neeta Bhushan teaches readers to remove old “gunk” to strengthen their emotional intelligence and build their GRIT game in her new book “Emotional GRIT."

Ladki Power

Festive and winter wedding season comes with a lot of pressure — living up to the vibrant and chic summer pieces. But, if there is anyone who can make you look and feel your best in Indian attire, then it's one of these 16 South Asian designers! Check their work out for yourself.
I'm super excited to share my experience, tips and tricks with you all here to plan a family trip to Europe after our recent fun vacation!
The orange color correcting concealer was developed 18 years ago, after the sisters faced their own struggle to find a concealer that truly covered their dark circles and looked natural on their South Asian skin tone.
Do you have a favorite breakfast food? Mine is, WITHOUT A DOUBT, egg and cheese on a toasted everything bagel with hot sauce, salt & pepper. 🙂 It’s my go-to on the weekends because bagels are literally my weakness....
With winter coming fast, it's time to start implementing regiments and healthy hair tips into your daily routine. You don't have to look far for everything you need to have thick, luscious hair this upcoming season — the answers may just be in your pantry!


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