‘The Marriage Clock’ Author Zara Raheem Shares her Creative Journey

Brown Girl Magazine chatted with Zara Raheem, author of " The Marriage Clock," about her, thoughts on South Asian representation in western literature.
Calypso Rosevideo

Calypso Rose at Coachella Reminds us why she is a Trailblazer for Caribbean Women

The cultural importance of music in the Caribbean is just one reason Calypso Rose gracing the Coachella stage was a source of pride for the community.

Reflection on ‘Girl Dad’ Kobe Bryant and his Legacy

Impactful people die all the time from great scientists to farmers who have fed thousands. Personally, the death of Kobe Bryant felt severe.

Why Aren’t More Womxn Having Orgasms?

Female orgasms are better than men’s—they last longer and are more intense. It’s a wonderful gift of life and an absolute necessity.
Prince Harry Meghan Markle

The U.K. Press vs Meghan Markle: a Reflection of its’ Issue With Women

The U.K. press doesn’t only have an issue with Meghan Markle and her decision to leave the Royal Family, it has an issue with women.
Celebrate Lohri with These Sweet and Savory Recipes

Celebrate Lohri with These 7 Sweet and Savory Recipes

It goes without saying Lohri is filled with delicious foods, and to celebrate the big day, we're sharing some of our favorites recipes by food bloggers we love and respect. 

Ladki Power

The universal day of love is here — doesn't matter who you love, just embrace your loved ones even harder today. And if you are anything like my husband and I then you would rather stay home than go out on a crowded date night.
Kiran and I got married in 2010 and we now live in Toronto. We still can’t get enough of the city so we decided to live in a small condo in downtown Toronto. One major change though is that we now have 3 children. So there’s actually five of us living in our 850 square foot condo.
Celebrate World Nutella Day with a twist! Learn how to make these Chocolate Chip Nutella Cream Cheese Cookie Sandwiches for this sweet month of February.
A veil of controversy covers the beauty industry. From questionable ethics in testing and production to its stark lack of inclusivity, there are many reasons why beauty is not as accessible as it may seem.
Are you looking for some adventurous experience? Well, Jaisalmer is the perfect tourist destination for adventure lovers. Despite being one of the hottest and secluded cities, Jaisalmer is considered the gem of Rajasthan.


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