One Brown Girl’s Fight Against ‘Manosh Ki Bolbe’

Growing up desi, a lot of us are pressured to pursue careers in medicine or engineering. Both are respectable fields, but not meant for everyone. My traditional Bengali parents called my interest in fashion a hobby, but it was more than that. It was a part of me.

Who is an ‘Inbetween’ American?: A Reflection

Who is an "inbetween" American? Someone who fills out forms and checks (or ticks, if you prefer the British-English phrase) a mark next to something that’s not white.

New Zealand Actress Sabby Jey on Colorism and Accepting Yourself

From advertisements that showcase products like Fair and Lovely to the fact that darker skinned actors rarely get leading roles in films, the media has shown a strong preference for light skin.   None of this has stopped Sabina Jey. Being dark-skinned and standing at five feet tall, she did not fit the media’s skewed parameters for beauty. In fact, Jey has made it her mission to fight colorism.

The Experiences of a ‘Coconut’ Living in a Brown and White World

My nationality is British. I was born in Sri Lanka but moved to England when I was one month old. Growing up, my mother often tried to immerse me and my sister in both cultures.

We’re the Second-Largest Population in the World. Why Can’t I See Us?

As I reflect on my childhood, I noticed that I NEVER saw people like me on TV screens, heard them on the radio or admired them covering the pages of glossy magazines.

Being Brown and Coming Out of the IBD Closet: The Chronic Illness Experience

The more important issue here is how can desis come to grips with what IBD is if our culture implicitly labels IBD, ostomy surgery and fistulae right up there with rape, mental illness and disability as some of the greatest taboos?

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