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Queens Girl: Indo-Caribbean Life in ’90s New York — the Fight

The adrenaline pumped and I kicked her, and then we were scuffling again, flinging, grabbing, screaming while the outer circle squealed. I was fighting for my life when the storekeeper’s voice burst into my head.
leela ladnier

Meet Leela Ladnier: The 16-Year-Old Voice Behind Disney Junior’s First-Ever South Asian Royal Detective

When Disney Junior announced they would launch an animated children’s show, “Mira The Royal Detective,” based on a young Indian girl, I was basically jumping for joy...literally.
The Long Goodbye Featured Imagevideo

‘The Long Goodbye’ Review: Riz Ahmed Unabashedly Embraces his Hyphenated Identity

Riz Ahmed’s "The Long Goodbye" is a mirror for the hyphenated, and a looking glass for those who don’t experience the struggles of duality & immigrant life.

February: Anxiety, an Astronaut, and Falguni’s Bowl cut

I love discovering the queer-coded messages of my childhood—the ones I never saw back then, because I didn’t even know what queerness was. Falguni. I caught the tail end of her career, but thought nothing of her grown-up bowl-cut, nor the fact that I’d never seen her in a dress.

Chasing Love and Marriage: Is it Okay for Women to Propose?

Women, just like men, can get down on one knee and pop the most anticipated question: will you marry me? 
Challenge Casteism

Why Do We Say No to Holi? A Guide To Challenge Casteism

The Indian festival of Holi holds a pivotal place in South Asia’s social and cultural mind space. It has lent itself to numerous songs, films, books and movies — all celebrating the triumph of the gods over demons, culminating in the burning of the Demoness Holika.

Ladki Power

With the world in a current state of crisis, every family is handling it differently, and for us as desi parents, preparation just makes us feel better. So as a forewarning, this post is meant to be informative, not fear or chaos mongering. 
Add some color to your menu with Chinese Bhel! It’s crunchy, tangy, spicy and fresh and colorful thanks to the peppers and onions.
READ! Reading gives you a reason to escape from your day-to-day digitalized world to something more meaningful and worthy.
While some trends should stay on the runway, others are definitely wardrobe-worthy. This New York Fashion Week, I spotted five 2020 must-haves for every style vibe.
I slowly learned to value my happiness and cultivated my independence within a collectivist cultural structure by valuing my own happiness and traveling.


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