‘You Speak Hindi, Right?’: How College Taught Me to Embrace My Unique Cultural Identity

When I attempted to enter this international South Asian space, I found that language sometimes posed a barrier.  I was unable to speak the common language, had South Indian experiences (versus the typically predominant North Indian upbringing to most there), and attributed more of my international travel experiences to Malaysia rather than in a South Asian country like most others.

Brown Boy of the Month Varun Jindal Talks Dance and Authenticity Through Bollyshake and...

Varun Jindal is a 29-year-old Texan who specializes in social media marketing and community building. He currently serves as co-founder and head of marketing at Bollyshake.

The Love Sarah Left Us: A Tribute

I’ll forever remember that smile plastered across her face. What I thought was broken, this curly haired, plump cheeked, four-year-old fixed. I should have guessed back then that she would be the first one in her immediate family to bring home a real pet cat.

‘I Don’t Blame Them’: My Parents’ Dreams Don’t Have to be my Own

I was mad for so long. Mad that they didn’t understand my choices. Mad that they didn’t understand my lifestyle. But now, I don’t blame them.

Could ‘Raazi’ be a Turning Point in Tackling Indo-Pak Conflicts in Bollywood?

Perhaps it’s too naïve to expect Bollywood flicks to mend the India/Pakistan divide. But maybe "Raazi" represents a point in our culture where both sides can start to think of each other as more than just “the bad brother.”
royal wedding

How Attending the Royal Wedding Helped Me Reclaim My Roots

Earlier this year, on the heels of my son’s move to London for the year, I learned of the nuptials of Meghan and Harry. In February, my flight to London was delayed by a couple of days during which I dropped a note to Prince Harry, congratulating him and wondering how we could attend the royal wedding.

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