Baby Born Out of Wedlock or Bust?

What I’m talking about here is the most controversial of taboos, in my opinion, in Indian families. Why is it that I still don’t know a single brown woman who has had a baby born out of wedlock?

Saree, I’m Not Sorry: An Open Letter to Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Many were left dumbfounded when Sabyasachi Mukherjee made his controversial statement at the Harvard India Conference last month. I stand united with everyone who is saying, "Saree, I'm not sorry!"

South Asian LGBTQ Fundraiser Set to Make History in New York City

Nearly 50 years after the Stonewall riots triggered the modern fight for LGBTQ rights in the U.S., South Asia will be welcomed into the fold. Joshua Patel, Annual Giving Manager at the American India Foundation, noticed the glaring disparity and is doing something about it.

Dance Your Way Through the Different Regions of India This Holi!

Who here has ever played with a little bit of color? Are you one of those lucky people who can reminisce to a time when you danced through a rainbow of...
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian on the Cover of Vogue India Goes Beyond Her Reputation

Vogue India, in general, tends to feature prominent Indian actresses on their covers, and while I agree, sure this time too they could have gone with an Alia, Deepika, Shraddha, Priyanka, there is nothing wrong with picking Kim Kardashian.

The Ultimate Holi Playlist to Rock Out to This Weekend

What’s a festival without music? Well, have no fear, Brown Girl is here with the Top 10 Holi Songs that you should add to your playlist and blast at any upcoming Holi events.

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Each season, we look to designer runways for what to expect. Let’s face it — some trends stick, while some simply give us something to talk about! Fashion Week is the prime opportunity for designers (South Asian and otherwise) to push the envelope and present innovative, artful concepts.
Sleep is thankfully something that I usually get enough of and the quality is okay, but still, I always believe that I could get better sleep.
Chicken kebabs? Say no more! They're the perfect way to kick-off any mealtime and here's how to make your very own!
Bring in the spring season with the perfect set of matte lipsticks with Colourpop's matte liquid lippies! We promise you won't be disappointed!


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