#BGSpeaksUp: Twitter Chat Sparks an Important Conversation on South Asian Mental Health

The narrative surrounding mental health in South Asian countries is negative at best – and more often nonexistent. As children of those who immigrated from these countries (or immigrants ourselves) we often don’t know how to approach our mental health, or that mental health is even something to consider.

A letter to my Best Friend Who Committed Suicide

And, it’s worse suffering from a mental illness like depression, if you’re a man. After all, men must not cry. They must not complain.

MannMukti’s New Podcast “Stories of Stigma: South Asian Mental Health”: In Honest Conversation with Salma Vir-Banks

Salma’s ability to stand up and say, “Yes, I have had a difficult journey,” serves as an example to those who are secretly struggling. Her honesty lets people know that their similar struggles aren’t fictitious. They’re not being over dramatic, emotionally weak, or stupid. Her honesty lets people know that being flawed is okay and speaking up is even more so okay.

Poem: ‘Depression is The Friend You Never Wanted’

Depression is that friend you never wanted, it’s that feeling you’re being haunted. you tell yourself to snap out of it but the prospect of smiling again is daunting.

With My Mental Illnesses, One Thing Led to Another

I have dealt with substance abuse, an eating disorder, and I still struggle with depression and anxiety today. My mental illnesses are very interconnected and I’m slowly tackling them, one at a time. I think many people have trouble understanding how all of these can occur at once. I often hear from people that I did this to myself or that I’m seeking attention. There’s so much stigma around mental illnesses and I hope by being open about mine, I can help erase some of that stigma.

Stories of Stigma: Three Generations of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Over the years, people have become more open about their mental health. We are slowly chipping away at the stigma associated with mental illnesses, but we still have a long way to go.

Anxiety runs in my family and each generation has had a very different experience with their mental illness. Three generations of women have lived and survived generalized anxiety disorder.

The Mental Health Spotlight: BG Jessie Brar

I started The Mental Health Spotlight to help shed light on the topic of mental health in the South Asian community. Through the power of storytelling and fact sharing, I hope to create a safe environment where we can speak openly about mental health.

#TherapyTalk: A South Asian Perspective and Discovery

I needed someone with whom I could sort through these thoughts and begin my path to self-discovery.

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MannMukti: New Website for South Asians Struggling with Mental Health Issues

While there are plenty of resources available online, including research and how-to guides, very few cater to the needs of the South Asian population. MannMukti hopes to bridge that gap and increase awareness by providing resources, and by sharing experiences of people with mental illness through podcasts, an open forum, testimonials and more.

It’s Not a Dirty Secret: 7 Truths About Mental Health

You’ve got a mind, so you’ve got mental health! Mental health can be good, bad or somewhere in the middle. Mental health is not defined by the absence of mental illness, just like health is not defined by the

#TherapyTalk: Learning to Have Faith in Myself Again

I knew there was something off about my mentality and thinking right before I descended into my three-year struggle with depression and anxiety. The people around me also knew because my personality and actions were off from how I am normally.

#LooksLikeASurgeon: An Interview with Dr. Zarina Ali, Pennsylvania Hospital’s First Female Neurosurgeon

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#TherapyTalk: How to Talk About Feelings When You’ve Been Told Not To

Growing up in my Punjabi household, my grandparents made sure that children didn’t speak unless when spoken to. If I was acting happy, I would be told to shut up. If I was crying, I would be told to go to my room.

They All Tell Me That I am Crazy

“You are crazy.”

No, I am not. I’m just scared that I will lose the people I care about the most. I’m just terrified that the people who I need the most right now will turn their backs because I am too much work.

Why We Need to Break The ‘South Asian Mentality’ of Success

I have seen this time and time again, where Indian American children go into their college years completely sheltered and unready for free will. They have only one goal in mind—becoming a physician, an engineer, a techy or something that guarantees a steady income. But why?

I’m Not Sad, Lazy or Non-Religious: How to Identify Signs of Depression

Ever since I came out to my family about my depression and anxiety a year ago, I never fail to forget the struggle it took to get them to accept my illness. I grew up in an average Muslim household in a community that was fairly conservative in terms of culture and religion. No one talked about mental illness. If you did, you were ‘one of the crazies’ and pretty much everyone around you would shun you.

Dear Diary, I Chose Suicide But I Didn’t Choose Death

I’ve often heard that suicide is a choice, though I never felt as if I actually chose or wanted to die. I still think I could have been saved, but there was never a helping hand extended out to me.

What Does a Sexual Assault Survivor Look Like to you?

“I am a survivor of child sexual abuse,” I say. Then, to ease the discomfort of sharing something so intimate, I quickly follow up with, “I’m healing from it: I am going to therapy, and I’ve done a lot of work on my own.”