March for Science Los Angeles: What We Can do to Defend Science

I’ll be joining the March for Science Los Angeles to stand up not only for science, but for people like my parents.

Raja Kumari: Is the South Asian Community Appropriating Hip-Hop?

by Fatima Ahmed Raja Kumari is the new fiery and fierce musician…

India Officially Renamed ‘Bollywood Land’ By White Marketing Execs

LONDON, UK – British retailer, ASOS, recently came under fire for selling an obvious tikka as a ‘Chandelier Hair Clip’ on their website.

A Guide of the Paradise That is Puerto Rico

To see our adventures in the paradise that is Puerto Rico, check out the images!

Jai Jai Hooray: Make Cultural Learning Irresistible With a Set of 10 Flashcards About Hindu Deities

We recently fell in love with Jai Jai Hooray’s new 10-set flashcard collection and couldn’t be happier to share our experience with our friends at Brown Girl Magazine.

7 South Asian Stereotypes That Never Get Old

What are the most common stereotypes associated with us South Asians?

‘Would You Like Some Tea?’: A Love Poem for Tea.

May this poem be a comforting reminder that you can press the warm tea cup to your bare chest, close your eyes and you are home. Mom just made tea for you.

This Season’s Hottest Trends—All In RETRO-spect!

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of the comeback trends that we take advantage of today, come from the 90’s.

This DIY Turmeric Face Mask is All You Need the Perfect Skin

This easy DIY turmeric face mask is a great at-home remedy to brighten and moisturize your face and skin.

How We Should React to the Turmeric Latte

The turmeric latte is a fancy name for what we’ve been drinking since childhood, haldi ka doodh.