Why Every Young Woman Should Move At Least Once In Her 20’s

Though my journey may seem a little excessive, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for every young woman to live somewhere new at least once in their lives. I don’t mean move to college for 4 years, or the closest big city with your girlfriends, but somewhere totally new that pushes you out of your comfort zone. It can be incredibly frightening to leave home, and even seem unnecessary, but the experiences I have had are invaluable and critical to my growth.

Why Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom’s Feud Highlights the Traditional Blame Game

Boxer Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom’s recent split and public feud cause society to confront a very ugly truth.

10-Year-Old Rape Victim Gives Birth in India After Being Denied Abortion

Being responsible for another human being at any age is challenging. But at the age of 10, it is unimaginable.

Poem: ‘Reign’

there were crevasses we missed

but in time passed

even the toughest veils had faded away

Ink Minx: An American-Pakistani Woman’s Journey to Tattoo Artistry

A childhood affinity for mehendi turned into an unlikely passion and career choice for one Pakistani American woman.

‘When Did I Become Your Punching Bag?’: The Unspoken Truth of Domestic Violence

I don’t really remember where it all started. Maybe it was when we were arguing that one cold November night. My memory plays games; at times I can feel the winds, hear the hollowness of the winter that resembles but other times, it’s as if someone put snow over my memory like a blanket. That night you got so upset you slammed your own fist down on our dining table.

Dear Aunties, Stop Telling Me It’s My Turn to Get Married

Okay, I get it – Indian people love weddings, dancing, eating, etc., but does that really mean at someone’s wedding all the aunties need to be on the lookout for who’s next? Honestly, they’re probably better at scouting singles than professional scouts are at finding good athletes. Weddings are great and all, but really, what does “it’s your turn next” even mean when it comes to getting married?

5 Skin Care Tips to Guarantee Flawless Skin This Fall Season!

by Sanjana Arefin – Follow @minfin_ So I hate to break it…

6 Mumbai Street Foods You Need in Your Life

Here’s a list of six of my favorite Mumbai street foods for every Brown Girl!

55 Experts Reveal Their Best Indian Weddings Tips for South Asian Brides

These 55 Indian wedding tips are everything you need to plan the perfect nuptials.

5 New York City Bucket List Items That Will Make You Want to Skip Happy Hour

New York City is its own world of wonders, so don’t ever limit yourself to happy hour.

It’s Never Too Late to Rock Your Sunnies And Here Are The Ones You Should Be Wearing!

Everyone loves a good pair of sunnies, but which ones suit your face best? Brown Girl is here to help you decide!

Mehjabeen Hassan Takes Female Empowerment Forward One Outfit at a Time

Mehjabeen Hassan wants to break through South Asian norms and stereotypes in more than one way, and her clothing line is just the start.

7 Must-Visit Beaches for Every Beach Bombshell!

The UCSB started my love affair with the beach so here’s a full list of locations everyone needs to visit in California!

‘Kali:’ A Poem on Having Dark Skin

When I was 5, my father told me to stay under a roof, lest the evil, evil hands of the sun touch my skin.

When I was 10, my mother discreetly replaced my Pears soap bar with a foul blend of turmeric, milk, and wilfulness, to be refilled every morning.

Fashion, Trends, and Style: A Conversation with Priya Chhabria

In the glamorous world of fashion, Priya Chhabria talks about styling, trends, and the faux-pas!

Sisters Separated By Caste – A Review of ‘The Color of Our Sky’ by Amita Trasi

Imagine not knowing you share the same blood as the low-caste girl your family adopted. The one that is a few years older but always dutifully providing you her company. Your mother admonishes your father for bringing this girl of a lesser societal status home, but for you, she’s practically a sister.

Menstruation in Media: An Overview (Part I)

If the 2010s has been marked by debates on the pornification of women and sexualization of girlhood both in the public and private sphere, then it could be said that this has been accompanied by a wave of online activism which seeks to challenge dominant ideas of the female body, especially through social media.

Here’s Why South Asians Need to Improve on How We Talk About Sex

This sexphobia in our upbringing created generations of innocence and misperceptions, whereas sexual knowledge is necessary for our self-determination in everyday life. While most parents are still puzzling whether we should sexually educate our children, society completely changed over two generations.

How Being a Woman is Sexy – And What That Really Means

Standing up for what you believe in and proving negativity wrong is incredibly powerful. Not only are we incredibly beautiful and have dangerously gorgeous curves, but we have a tremendous amount of capability to do so much more.