20 South Asian Actors to Watch on Television Right Now

Diversity in the media is starting to improve, albeit at a rather glacial pace when it comes to the Asian and South Asian community. So, for now, let’s celebrate the South Asian actors in current television series and those who are premiering on our small screens soon!

Let’s Take it Back to When Mindy Lahiri Met Danny Castellano

During last week’s episode, we saw glimpses of the continuing argument between Mindy and Danny about whether or not to have more children, as well as Mindy’s work situation.

No, I Don’t Watch Shows With South Asian Leads Because I’m Indian

I admit it—I watch a lot of television. Part of it is wanting to be a part of every show with remotely good ratings. Another part of it is a desire to emulate Lorelai and Rory Gilmore and fill my conversations with fast-paced, obscure pop culture references.

FINALLY! Mindy Confronts Danny And We Can’t Help But Cheer

Danny continues to put pressure on Mindy to have another baby. Mindy brings it up to Morgan and says she doesn’t want to bring it up before the wedding. However, Danny decides that he really wants to take Mindy out (even though it’s a weeknight). They go on a really nice date, where Mindy is floored by the romance, sparkling wine, expensive dinner, and sex on a carriage ride. (“Like a fairy tale?”)

Are Priyanka, Mindy and Aziz Competing With Each Other as South Asians on TV?

This year has been a big one for South Asians in entertainment. “The Mindy Project” moved to Hulu with a 26-episode deal; Aziz Ansari debuted “Master of None” on Netflix, and well-loved Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra currently stars on ABC’s “Quantico.” As a second-generation immigrant, I’ve never seen this many people who look like me on American television.

A Mainstream Show About Muslim People in America Would be Boring

by  Fariha Siddiqui – Follow @farihsa Every Tuesday night, no matter how late I come…

Danny Castellano Still Doesn’t Understand Mindy Lahiri’s Need to Work

Last week’s episode begins with Danny Castellano telling Mindy Lahiri he has a gift for her right when they’re waking up in the morning.

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Mindy Lahiri Rethinks Relationship With Danny Castellano

It’s been four episodes since we last saw Dr. Danny Castellano, and it’s become unbearably apparent to everyone in Mindy’s life. Mindy is unable to stop talking about Danny, and everyone is tired of listening.

Mindy Lahiri Decides Whether or Not to Send Baby Leo to Private School Hilarity Ensues

This week’s episode starts off with baby Leo Castellano (who seems to be getting cuter each week) and Mindy Lahiri at a music class. While the kids are playing with instruments, the mothers are discussing what pre-schools to enroll their children.